Smart And Sweet Short Sleeved Dresses

Smart And Sweet Short Sleeved Dresses

We all have those days, especially around the time when the cold days of winter is moving on to fall and the weather keeps changing. Since most of us are still in winter mode, we may have not taken care of our armpits (you know what we are referring to) but do not want to wear long sleeved clothing of colder climes. Without the necessary hair grooming of arms it is not possible to wear sleeveless but that does not mean you have to wear full sleeved dresses. The solution here is to make a compromise and wear short sleeved dresses. If you are still doubtful, then you should check out the different type of sleeves and some tips on what to pick. While it may be all well and good to look longingly at beautiful sleeveless outfits for women, it may not be for all.

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The thing about wearing dresses and tops with shorter sleeves is that it looks cool and smart but at the same time, it does not need as much grooming as sleeveless outfits. What is more, wearing a sleeveless dress or top can make a woman with a heavier bustline look even more top heavy. Short sleeves work on most outfits even scintillating sheath dresses for that sensational look.

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Here Are Some Benefits Or Plus Points That Comes From Wearing Short-Sleeved Dresses Or Tops:

Bare but smart: The thing is many a time we want to show off our arms but given some situations, it is not always advisable to go fully bare. For instance, you know that you want to look good when you are making an office presentation but at the same time, you also want to look smart. At times and situations like these, it is best to wear a crisp top with short sleeves or a dress with short sleeves. This way you look bare enough but also smart at the same time.

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Suitable for the tomboys: We don’t know if you have noticed but there are some of us who are eternal tomboys (like yours truly) who cannot have a conversation without waving your arms. This means that wearing sleeveless tops or dresses may get you more attention and of the kind that you do not want, more. One of the ways that you can be comfortable and still not need to curb the inner tomboy is by wearing a sleeveless dress or top.

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Easy to stay cool in: Yes, we all want to cool and wearing a full sleeved dress or top may not be the way to do it. And at the same time many of us do not have the confidence (that comes from having smooth and toned arms). This means a person can combine short sleeves with a light coat or shrug if they feel that the weather warrants it. When you start feeling warm, then off comes the shrug and you can feel comfortable and cool.

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Needs less grooming: The thing is that many of us have darker armpits due to many reasons like use of deodorants, hormonal changes, and pigmentation due to hormones or due to excess hair growth. In some instances, you may just not have the time to take care of your armpits and this means that you cannot enjoy wearing sleeveless. In such a situation, you can wear short sleeves.

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We are sure that even if you are not convinced that shorter sleeves is a good way to dress to look smart and cool, the pictures we have posted should convince you. Do tell us which ones are your favorite.