10 Quick and Useful Tricks to make Those Heels More Comfortable

10 Quick and Useful Tricks to make Those Heels More Comfortable

You have purchased those lovely new shoes, you know the ones with killer heels and cute look are feeling smug that your dream has come true. But alas, your dream shoes are proving to be a nightmare.  They bite, they squeeze and they make your feet want to cry. Does this mean that you throw away youre shoe does not bite and that you rock those sexy heels.  If you know your shoes fashion vocabulary and learn it before you go shopping, you may be able to avoid any of these mishaps in the first place. However, we are not talking about new heels but rather about making a pair of heels that you have already purchased, more comfortable.

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You will be glad that you read these hints and tricks when you decide to wear your fantastic flared dresses in fashion along with those heels.  In fact heels are a big part of how to look smashing in an evening gown and if they are not comfortable the whole effect of the dress will be spoilt.

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Here Are Some Tips That Will Have You Wearing Those Sexy Heels Without Any Hesitation:

Roll on some deo: Yes, we are talking about roll on deodorant but not in your pits but on the places where you shoe chafes against your skin. If you feel that deodorant is not exactly a wise choice, apply some oil in that area but this can make your feet feel slippery so it would be best if you applied the oil in advance.

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Take the time to stretch the shoe: When you buy a new pair of shoes, the tendency is to keep them inside unless a special occasion warrants wearing them. But you would be well advised to spend some time on stretching them and making them comfortable by wearing them at home.

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Walk tall: Yes, we are talking about walking differently when you wear heels and move away from the way you walk when you wear sneakers. This will ensure that you are more comfortable in the heels.

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Freezing remedy: Take your shoe and fill the part that feels tight with a bag of water and then place it in the freezer. The freezing of the water will make the bag expand within the shoe stretching it and making it more comfortable.

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Gel inserts: Invest in good quality gel inserts for the heel area that fit in snugly are not seen from outside. This will ensure that the heels of your feet are better rested and keep you going longer in the heels.

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Put a plaster: Invest in good quality plasters that are transparent. Just paste one on the portion where the shoe chafes the most and this will protect your feet from getting bitten by the shoe.

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Taping toes: Another weird but effective trick is to tape the third and fourth toes, that you can count keeping the biggest toe as the number one toe, will help in making the shoe fit more comfortably.

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Shop for shoes at night: This makes sense as the feet tend to swell a bit during the course of the day and doing this will enable you to get the right fit.

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Ensure that the straps fit well: Sometimes making a shoe comfortable is as simple as ensuring that it fits well in order to avoid friction on the feet when it moves around due to a looser fit.

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Contour the shoe: Yes this is a thing and you get tools to do this and you should consider investing in one and spend time knowing how to use it.