10 Hacks To Grow Your Beard Faster

10 Hacks To Grow Your Beard Faster

What can we say? Some men look awesome with their beards making us sigh in longing. The thing is when men keep a beard that is thick and lush and well maintained at the same time, it can be a big asset to them. Even grey beard styles to look devastatingly handsome have become an in thing today with mature men making an impact with their rugged good looks. If you feel bad that you cannot try out any of the latest beard styles for men to try in 2016, then do not despair, we will give you some hacks to ensure that your beard grows faster and you can try these styles out. The thing is that there are new beard styles for men to try in every year and the fun is when you can grow your beard fast enough to try them.

So without much ado, we want you to check out some of these tips in order to make your beard grow faster:

Hacks To Grow Your Beard Faster


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Exfoliation: One of the most basic actions to take to ensure proper beard growth is by ensuring that you regularly remove dead skin from your face so that the hair can grow properly.

cleansing face

Cleansing: Gently but properly clean your facial surface with warm water and some cleanser to ensure that your skin is clean and doing this can help the beard grow faster and better.

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Sleeping well: Having a good night’s sleep while fully feeling restful can also contribute positively to the growth of your beard.

vitamin rich food

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Vitamins: Certain vitamins like a, b, c, e can help in the growth of hair. Ensure that you get plenty by eating foods rich in these or taking supplements after consulting a doctor.

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Remove ingrown hair: Ingrown is the silent deterrent to beard growth; do check your face regularly for traces of ingrown hair and remove them to help the beard grow.

protein rich food

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Protein it up: Eating foods rich in protein can also help you grow your beard better. That is why you should consider foods like nuts, meat, fish, lentils etc. to stimulate beard growth.

massaging face

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Massage the face: Improved blood circulation to your face can help in making the beard grow faster. This is something that you can learn about and do it yourself besides indulging in a professional massage once in a while.

Consume biotin: Have 2.5 milligrams of biotin every day to encourage your beard to grow faster.

trimming beard

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Do not trim: One of the temptations when you are trying to grow a beard is to trim your facial hair frequently. Ideally speaking, you should only trim your hair once in six weeks.

massaging your beard with oil

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Massage oil: Find an oil that stimulates hair growth and massage it on your beard. Leave it on for about half an hour before shampooing it with a mild shampoo.

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A beard that is thick, healthy, glossy, neat and well styled can be an asset to your looks. But we also want to stress here that a good beard and a nice look to go along with it, needs daily maintenance and grooming. Never forget the basic rule that requires you to keep the beard clean at all times. This could take some time and efforts but it will be well worth the effort when you get those admiring glances and enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror.

We would also like you to remember that the rate of growth in your facial hair is also dependent on genetics and you will have to factor this in. What is more, growing a beard takes time and patience and you will need to stop stressing about it.