Tasteful And Tantalizing Turtle Neck Outfits

Tasteful And Tantalizing Turtle Neck Outfits

The neck of a woman or girl has been likened to many things including the neck of the swan among other comparisons. The neck is indeed a valuable part of a woman’s anatomy not only in terms of the way it makes a woman look but also in the way it joins the body and the head. That is why girls and women tend to celebrate this part of their body with different types of ornaments like chains, necklaces and even dangling earrings to enhance the beauty of it. When it is warm outside, girls and women tend to go with pretty v-neck outfits to look free and feel cool, and when it is cold, they go with the turtleneck. The turtleneck has been named as such because it tends to look like the way a turtle does when it pokes its head out from the folds of its neck. It is a great way to have your neckline going if you are clear on how to make it look good on you.

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A turtle neck sweater or t-shirt would definitely among the simple and stylish outfits with top bun as it can look really elegant if the person in question has a long and shapely neck. A turtle neck outfit can be a great blessing when the weather outside is cold. It is one of the carefree winter street style fashion ideas to copy and feel good about.

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The turtleneck dress or sweater or top is a style that is great to look at but it is not for everyone. Actually, this point is true of most fashions and styles as they are structured towards a certain body type. The turtleneck dress or sweater is for those girls and women who are thinner on top and not for the top heavy woman as it will make their torso even bulkier. In fact, when you think about it, the turtleneck dress is a good way to add curves on top if you know what we mean. The bustline can look bigger when the neckline reaches to the neck and then the addition of a long chain in this area will add to the attraction.

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The additional bonus, if you think of it that way, is that when you have a turtle neck on, you will be better off if you put your hair up. This means that a turtleneck dress or outfit can be blessing when you are having a bad hair day. Another aspect we have to point out here is that just because we are talking about a turtleneck dress or outfit does not mean that it has to be an outfit with long sleeves. In fact the contrast of the sleeveless style with bare arms with a high neck of the turtleneck can provide an interesting contrast.

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As a rule, when you look at most of the pictures, the turtleneck dress or sweater seems to have a looser fit but if you are so inclined and confident about carrying it off, then you could wear one that is well fitting. Another interesting touch that you can add to a plain turtleneck dress or sweater is by adding some nice metallic or beaded necklaces on top of the sweater in a graded manner.

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A turtleneck sweater over jeans with a casual denim jacket or a leather jacket along with a nice muffler can be a heavenly and warm outfit to be worn on cold days. This neckline is not only suitable for casual occasions but also works for official occasions.

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We are sure that you have gone through what we have written here and the images to go with it. Do tell us what you think.