Original And Awesome Oriental Prints To Wear To An Advantage

Original And Awesome Oriental Prints To Wear To An Advantage

Fashions and the world of styles can never be static or stagnant, as they tend to keep changing and evolving. What is more, fashions take on the influence of many cultures and inputs in order to take on the form they are in today. It is hardly surprising that strong cultural influences like that of the orient have had a major impact on the fashion world. In fact, many a time we may have adapted these and worn them without even being aware of the origin of the prints that we have fallen for. There is no denying that the Orient has had an influence on many aspects of fashion. Even if you want to learn about how to get your perfumes right, you will have to know that there is an influence of the Orient even in this aspect of fashion.

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That is why when you are picking out gorgeous floral print dresses for next summer, do take a minute to see whether they have oriental print or not. You must know that many ethnic influences have had an impact on the fashion scenario. Like these lovely tribal print dresses that are in trend.

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Here Are Some Remarkable Aspects Of Oriental Prints That You Will Find Interesting Even As You Check Out The Images Of Dresses We Have Given Here:

Bright and bold use of color: When you look at Oriental print dresses, the one thing that will strike you first and foremost is the way bright and bold colors are used freely. We don’t know why this is so but one can almost feel that they have been used to make sure that these stand out even in the bright sunshine as attractive and jewel like. You can almost see the warmth these color combinations and oriental prints emanate when you look at them.

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Looks great on natural fabric: The thing about oriental dresses is that they are worn originally in warm and humid climates to a large extent. That is probably the reason that they are worn printed on either cotton or silk depending on the occasion. Both cotton and silk are natural fabrics and that is probably the reason that even today when you look at oriental print dresses, you tend to think of it as being on silk.

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A mingling of art and nature: When you look at the motif on oriental print dresses, you will see that it tends to have patterns that depict flowers to a large extent. But they also tend to have curlicues and shapes in them that intermingle with the flowers. They almost remind you of an area where art and nature seems to mingle seamlessly. This can be seen not only in the prints but also in the many aspects where oriental prints are used like wall hangings, furniture and carpets.

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Unabashedly feminine: Fashions in the western world for women have checks, lines, stripes and dots in them which tend to be suitable for both the genders. But when it comes to oriental prints, there is no doubt in your mind when you look at them that they are unabashedly feminine. Yes, this is probably one of the reasons that women tend to go for this print in many aspects of their wardrobe.

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We are sure that you have been feasting your eyes on the images we have given here of girls and women wearing dresses of oriental prints. One glance at them would confirm most of the points we have given above. We are sure that you will agree that there is something for everyone in this style of dressing.