Fabulously Fantastic Sequin Dresses To Keep You Shining

Fabulously Fantastic Sequin Dresses To Keep You Shining

You are going to a party and you are at your wits’ ends wondering what to wear. You want to look festive and shine among the crowd but at the same time, you are also apprehensive of going overboard or being too soberly dressed. Sequins shout out party wear but many women stay away from them because they think they are too loud. While this can happen, when you use sequins without much thought, the addition of sequins can also add to the glitz and glamor of any outfit. Whether you are talking about gorgeous heavy wedding gown designs, or about a flirty top to be worn with dark trousers or skirt, sequins come in handy for all these.

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When it comes to party wear for women and how to go about it, do reach out for the sequins but do so with caution. We will leave you with a few pointers, tips and cautions on how to use sequins. You can use your own sense of colors and fashions to this and go forth to create flirty party outfits for girls that will have you become the cynosure of all eyes.

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Read Through The Points We Have Given Here To Know About The Dos And Don’ts When It Comes To Sequins:

Go for smaller sequins: If you feel that it will be difficult for you to wear a dress that has bigger sequins, then a good idea is to ensure that the sequins that are fixed on your dress are of a smaller size. While doing this may require more effort, the effect is also classier and subtler.

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Matching and contrast: If you are going for an overall sequins look, then it makes sense to ensure that the sequins that you have on the dress are of the same color as that of your dress. If you are going for sequinned patterns, then you are well advised to go for sequins of a contrasting color.

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Sprayed and splattered: If you are wearing a dress that is made out of a fabric that is light and floating, then it is a good idea to start out with dense sequins placed at the top of the dress and move on to a sprayed and splattered look with the sequins by making their placement far off.

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Partly sequined: If you still feel that sequins are too heavy and that you will not be able to carry it off, then go for sequins on the top portion of your dress and make the rest of the dress of a dark color. For instance, you are going to wear a sequined top with tights, then ensure that the tights are in a darker color to provide a frame for the sequins.

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While we have given you some tips about sequins and how to go about using sequins on different outfits, we should also tell you that sequins are not easy to fix on a dress or outfit. What is more, they are also not easy to take care of. You will need to be extra careful to ensure that your movements when you are wearing an outfit with sequins does not cause it to fall off. There is nothing clumsier than a dress from which some of the sequins have fallen off.

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You also need to ensure that the cleaning of a sequinned dress and the ironing of such clothes is done with a delicate hand. This will ensure that the dress is well cared for and stays the way it is supposed to be for a longer time.