Clothing Staples You Simply Must Have In Your Closet

Clothing Staples You Simply Must Have In Your Closet

Every woman has those days – you stare at the wardrobe and despair about not finding anything to wear, even though it is overflowing with clothes. But if you build your closet around a few basic staples, then it normally shouldn’t take too long for you to figure out an outfit that is beautiful, classic and attracts admiring looks from anyone you meet.


The Little Black Dress

No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. It truly is the most versatile item you could ever own! You can dress it up with stylish heals, tasteful jewellery and a wrap or dress it down with casual sandals, a funky necklace and a pretty button down shirt. We all have a style that we prefer and looks best on us but one that is knee length, sleeveless and of a classic style usually turns out to be the most versatile. If you don’t have your little black dress yet, head to JCPenney and browse through their wide selection. With a Discountrue coupon you should be able to get it on a budget!

The Pullover, Cardigan, Jersey or Jumper

Call it what you like, you can’t go wrong with a knitted long sleeve of some kind. From thin and luxurious cashmere to thick chunky wool, there is a cardigan to suit every occasion. Consider a few different styles, knits, and different textures in basic colors as well as bright ones.

The Ballet Flats

There is no denying that ballet flats are the most convenient shoes you can own. Pull them on when you’re fetching the paper or headed out to dinner, slip into them when you’re wearing shorts, a skirt, dress, jeans or slacks. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy leather pair or a couple dozen, either way they’re going to last no more than a couple years. So, better save the money and buy a few in different colors with slightly different styles to suit every outfit.


The Knee High Boots

My go to shoes are always cowboy boots because, well, I am a secret cowgirl. But any kind of riding boots will do! Brown, tan or camel shoes can be paired with just about any outfit, although you can never go wrong with plain old black. You want to be able wear these boots with any outfit so choose ones that have few or no embellishments, and don’t get ones with heels that are too high so you’re comfortable wearing them all day.

The Bootleg Jeans

You have your riding boots, so it probably makes more sense to buy skinny or boyfriend cut jeans. But you just can’t beat a classic pair of bootleg jeans! You can wear them for an evening on the town, mucking around at home or a nice dinner with the family.  Have as many pairs as you like, but get at least one that is dark in color and has little or no embellishments. If you’re going to splurge on just one pair of designer jeans, then it’s best to choose a bootleg style. Have them hemmed so that they just hit your heel.

The Black Blazer

You get a wide variety of blazers these days so they are an awesome piece to have. There are both shrunken and oversized styles but the one you can’t go wrong with is the perfectly cut classic that fits like, well, a glove! The sleeves should catch your wrists and the shoulders should be wide enough for you to wear a cardigan underneath when necessary. Make sure the front doesn’t pull out around your chest, although it should be fitted.

The Decorative Scarf

Scarves seem to be one of those things that you never mean to buy, but somehow always end up with. And frankly, you probably don’t regret it anyway! They can be short or long, square or rectangular, sheer or opaque, brightly patterned or simply colored. You can have just one, but I would suggest having much more because adding a simple scarf can turn a so-so outfit into something stylish, classic and unique. And you don’t have to wear that scarf around your shoulders or neck. You can knot it around your waist as a funky belt, turn it into a headscarf (there are so many different headscarf styles that you’ll always have options!), and you can even tie it onto your purse if you like.


The V-Neck Tee

Plain and simple or a bright graphic print, you absolutely have to have a few V-neck tees in your closet. You can wear them almost anywhere and at any time of the night or day. You can layer them under jackets or button downs, wear them as pyjamas and use them to dress down those statement pieces for a more casual, street-chic look. Any size V-neck will do but you should have a few that are not too loose, but don’t cling too much to your chest or stomach.

The Black Slacks

When you’re a stay at home mom or a college student it might not make sense to buy a pair of black dress pants. But the day you need them, you’ll be glad you have them! When it comes to fancy slacks, it really is worth getting them tailored so that they fit you absolutely perfectly. You don’t want them to fit too snugly but they should hug your hips, skim over your thighs and flare out slightly around your calves. That way you can wear them with any shoes in your closet, and the basic black means you can top them with just about anything you feel like wearing. You can wear them as a suit by pairing it with that black blazer, dress them up with a pretty silk blouse or dress them down with a white tee and hoodie.

And there you have it, so long as you have at least one or two of each of these items, you will never have a problem getting dressed. No matter where you’re going or what your plans are, you’ll be able to put together an outfit that absolutely everyone will love!