100 Latest Beard Styles For Men To Try In 2018

January 17th, 2018

100 Latest Beard Styles For Men To Try In 2018


latest-beard-styles-for-men-1 Hooded eyes with deep nature needs more facial features that could attract attention and such a subtle textured short beard is the answer!

latest-beard-styles-for-men-2 Natural full beard! “No time to waste time shaping it” kind of men love such naturally growing and shaping beards. No trimming required just let the roots get deeper and wider.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-3 Even the long shoulder length hair tucked at the back with beards and hair tinted also looks dapper.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-4 Manliness, yes, beard! And tattoo? Even better, isn’t it? How about getting some intricate designs inked on that manly (hairy, wink!) chest?

white gray beard

Age fades but the manliness never goes away. Your beard always protects it and then the revolution happens.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-6 Since the beard is more dense and shapely than the hair on head, this beard style looks uniquely compatible with the hairstyle.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-7 Let the beard grow naturally and so the mustache without doing any touch up. More of the masculine look will be grabbed by slightly turning the ends of mustache upwards.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-8 Non-uniform and rugged look with the messiness of the beard when teased and brush in reverse direction making it look more fluffy and heavy.

latest-beard-styles-for-men-9 Ladies can literally trust the commitments men with such beards promise! ‘Cause they can be incredibly promising and patient as they were towards growing a biggie-big beard!

latest-beard-styles-for-men-10 Full throttle has to maintenance tricks to adopt for instant glamour; Combing perfectly with accurate angle to give a correct direction of shaping it and thick sideburns for more heavy and hairy making the beard look fuller.

latest beard styles for men0161 The basic shape of a goatee at the chin literally outlines the beard and sharpens up the look with duly shaped mustache. Men struggling for uniform beard may find this one setting a fashionable mark for them.

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awesome beard styles

awesome beard styles

bearded men

bearded men






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When men step into the world of fashion, they are aware of the fact that this needs some effort on their behalf. However, we all have to admit that facial hair requires a bit more than minimal care unlike the rest of men’s fashions which are easier than the women’s. Yes, that is why while you look at all the pictures of latest beard styles for men to try in 2016, we want you to more than merely admire and emulate them. We want you to think about how it will look on you and how much time each style will require in terms of grooming and then only adapt one of them.