How To Make Swing Dresses Work For All Body Types

How To Make Swing Dresses Work For All Body Types

A slim girl in the arms of a handsome guy dancing to a romantic song with people watching them on as the skirt of the lovely girl swings gently to the music as it is played. Does this scenario sound familiar? We are sure that you have seen this scene played out in many an old movie. Sometimes, when you look at such lovely young women swaying to music you may also long to wear something so soft and feminine. This is probably why fashions keep coming back from the past. The avatar and form of the fashion may definitely adapt to the changing times, but the basic concept remains the same. Here we are talking about the recurring fashion trend of swing dresses. This could be one of the cute skirts if you want to get noticed.

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In case you did not realize it, a swing dress is something that sways and swings in the skirt part at least, when you dance or even when you walk fast. If you are still not sure about what we mean by swing dresses, then look at cute tutu dresses to know what we mean though the pleating in swing dresses may not be that intense. But if you are preparing a list of beautiful skirts every teen should have then do include a swing dress with a gathered skirt suited for her body type.

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While a swing dress is great to wear, many girls and women shy away from wearing this style because they feel that they may look too bulky when wearing it. that is why we give you some tips on how to make swing dresses work for all body types:

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Use softer fabric: The swing dress does make the midriff of a person look slightly fuller than it is. One of the ways you can counter this is by ensuring that you make the pleat portion of the swing dress out of softer fabric that has a straighter fall to ensure that you do not look bulky.

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Vary the waistline: Some of us have a slimmer midriff while others feel conscious of being heavy around the waist. There are women with pet peeves like a heavy bosom or a hipline and so forth. To ensure that the swing dress works for all the types of bodies that we have mentioned above, do focus on the waistline. A higher or lower waistline can distract from these faults and make the silhouette of the swing dress more flattering to the wearer.

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Play with the pleats: The swing dress comes with a lot of pleats in the lower half of the dress and this is a given. While this is a given, you do have leeway with the kind of pleats you get on a swing dress. A slightly broader or narrower pleat can make all the difference in the way the dress falls on your waistline and hips.

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Be hem savvy: Another important factor to remember when it comes to the swing dress is the hemline. A longer hemline is something that can make all the difference or wearing it short can be flattering for some others. Be careful in the selection of a hemline for your swing dress so that it falls correctly on your body.

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Belt the dress correctly: A belt of the right width and right placement would make all the difference to the way the swing dress looks on you.

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We are sure that you must have enjoyed looking at all the images we have provided for swing dresses along with the tips. Do tell us if you have any inputs on the information that we have given here.