40 Perfect Blazer Outfits to Try This Winter

40 Perfect Blazer Outfits to Try This Winter

We may have mentioned this earlier but it is indeed both a boon and a bane for women that they have so much choice when it comes to the kind of clothing they can wear. A boon, because they will always have many options and bane, because they it can be confusing. But having said that, can you imagine any item of men’s clothing (that they wear in public) that women cannot wear. We are sure that there are very few of these and one will have to look really hard to identify these. In this article we will look at how you can make the blazer (yes, yet another article of what was men’s clothing) work for you especially during the winter months. There have been talks of fall coats and jackets for the current season and the time has come to update blazers into this list.

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Yellow Touch Outfit Idea

Yellow Touch Outfit Idea

Perfect Blazer Outfits to Try This Winter

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A blazer is seen as mostly formal wear, which is where it is supposed to be but there could be exceptions. It could however, definitely feature in the jacket styles for women to dress well for every occasion. Girls and women like to dress for each occasion with a particular kind of look and they spend a lot of time thinking about how they will look their best. That is why you would surely love how blazers play a role in the preppy looks for fall to copy right now.

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Here Are Some Ideas For Perfect Blazer Outfits To Try This Winter:

How about pants? Yeah, pants would be a perfect combination with a blazer making it look comfortable, smart, formal and cool at the same time. You can add a sweater to this combination to make it look good and stay warm when the winters set in to make you shiver.



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Why not the funky skirt? Just because the blazer is worn with formal pants does not preclude that it cannot be worn with funky skirts. In fact a blazer with a stretchable short skirt in a loud color can provide a nice contrast and counterpoint that will make the marriage of these two seem perfect. In fact, when it comes to making a definite statement,  this one would definitely work.

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Should we ignore jeans? Jeans have become such a sure and accepted part of our wardrobes that we cannot imagine what we wore before we had them. When it comes to dressing with a blazer for winter, it somehow seems incomplete when you don’t mention a combination possibility with jeans. That is why you see many women attending meetings at work wearing a nice pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and a blazer with shoes and getting away with dress code norms.

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Where do dresses fit in? If you are the kind who likes to wear dresses and stockings, then too you can put the blazer to good use. A blazer can turn a dress into a smart outfit that works for office as well as for small outings. Add some suitable footwear and you are good to go. Do ensure that the blazer is matching or contrasting to create maximum effect.

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What should tights do? Tights are not an outfit item that all women are comfortable wearing with just a blouse, t-shirt or shirt. But when you add a blazer with a suitable sweater inside, it makes a cute and warm outfit for winter, which most women would love to don.

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Do let us know your thoughts on what you consider a perfect blazer outfit to try this winter; we are sure you do have a favorite.