Men’s Formal Shoes Going By The Current Trend

Men’s Formal Shoes Going By The Current Trend

When you look at men’s fashion trends rather than a typical guy’s gear (read as mature and suave versus the crushingly casual), one of the first trends that comes to mind is formal wear. This is because there is something so handsome and appealing about a man in formal gear that brings to mind a longing that even we, as women, cannot really define. There are many aspects to formal dressing for men, starting with the top and moving on to a very important aspect, which includes shoes. Formal shoes tend to be very typical but attractive nevertheless. It is only when you consider all aspects of a man’s dressing including various types of tie designs for men can you come up with the right look.

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It is only natural for most women or girls to think that I want my boyfriend to dress like this when they cast their eyes upon a well-dressed man in full formal gear right from the suit to the formal shoes. Many young guys of today may consider the whole formal gear as firmly belonging to fabulous old man fashion looks but they still work very well in most situations.

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While we are discussing the trends in men’s formal shoes, one point we have to make vis-à-vis the trends in female shoes is that these are definitely more comfortable. That is one factor that we have to think about and try to emulate while coming up with women’s shoes trends.

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The Trends In Men’s Formal Shoes Could Include The Following:

The oxford: Simple yet classic with normal laces running through them and made in leather of different colors, these shoes have a hold on the men’s fashions that we cannot deny. There are however, some additional categories like the blunt front or the narrow tipped shoe or in the designs that are on them.

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The monk strap: This is a step away from the oxford in the sense that it has a couple of straps running to the other end or even a single strap. If you wanted a visual in your head, it is not that unlike the school uniform shoes that small girls wear to school, except for the masculine shape of the shoe.

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The loafer: No, we are not referring to someone’s character but to a type of shoe. These are much favored by men around the globe given that you can just slip them on and not bother with tying laces or buckles. It is also called the moccasin and can come in different shapes, cuts, and styles.

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The dress boot: Though very similar to the oxford in structure, this shoe has a higher length in the ankle part of the boot and is mostly worn for formal occasions along with a suit or tuxedo.

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Apart from some of the most basic classifications of men’s formal shoes that we have given here, you also need to look at the way the tip of the shoes are shaped. Ranging from two-toed to blunt to wing tipped or narrow, there are many styles that you can pick from. However, unlike women’s shoes, men tend to go for shoes that makes them feel good rather than just relying on the style quotient.

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Having said that, we would also like to tell men who want to be considered fashionable is that they should match the color and material of their boots with that of the belt. This will ensure that you look good and feel comfortable. What is your choice when it comes to picking out a shoe for yourself?