Learn How Long Necklaces Add Grace And Elegance To Your Ensemble

Learn How Long Necklaces Add Grace And Elegance To Your Ensemble

If you are into jewelry at all (that by the way is a given) then we are sure that you will be interested in what we have to say about long necklaces. We know that by definition necklaces that are short and closer to the neck and collarbones get all the attention while the long necklace plays the poor wallflower. But that should not be the case at all as necklaces of different lengths have their own charms. Learn about classic statement necklaces to make you look attractive so that you are appropriately for each occasion.

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Do look at these amazing necklace designs for you to make the choice that works with the outfit you are going to wear. One of the things we wanted to tell you was that long necklaces are surprisingly versatile and will work as well with jeans and t-shirt as it will with preppy outfits for women.

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Here Are Some Reasons That Long Necklaces Are Such A Good Thing To Have In Your Jewelry Box:

More interesting: The thing is sometimes we ignore the slightly less glamorous options for the more obvious ones. That could be the case with the choker necklace versus the longer one. But as you start experiment with interesting and long necklaces with nice pendants and lockets, you will find it quite interesting.

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Breaks up the monotony: If you are wearing a single colored dress or top and feel that it looks too dull and do not feel like wearing a scarf or waistcoat, then a long necklace is the way to go. It cuts through the plain color and breaks the monotony. Sometimes you need to break the monotony just because your mood needs lifting and this is a very simple and quick way to do it.

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Sexier and classier: While the shorter necklace has its own charms,  the long necklace can be unexpectedly sexier as it tends to hang between your breasts. It tends to be classier too given that there are many options in this regard. The way it tends to draw the eye towards it is what makes the long necklace so attractive. By choosing to go with a simple pendant or subtle beads in the necklace, you can also make it classier.

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Subtler and dramatic: Can anything be subtle and dramatic at the same time? If you really start thinking about it, fashion has many such examples. The long evening gown for instance or the well-fitted sweater for another. In fact, the list is pretty long the more you think about it. You can definitely add the long necklace to this list.

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Flexible for all occasions: When it comes to the shorter length necklaces, you will realize that the more elaborate ones tend to be more suitable for evening and dressy occasions. However, with the longer necklaces, this is not the case at all. You will find that many long necklaces can be worn with the classier blouses as well as the ones that are dressy as well.

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We have made a case for long necklaces and if they are not part of your dressing repertoire, then it is time you made them part of it. This is because not only do long necklaces come in a wide range of designs and styles, they also add to the charm of your dressing. If you do not agree with us, all we ask you to do is just try one. We assure you that you will soon be hooked to the concept of the long necklace and it will become part of your sartorial style.