Gorgeous Green Dresses For Every Occasion

Gorgeous Green Dresses For Every Occasion

Have you really looked at the color green? We are sure that most of us have looked at the color and even enjoyed the effect it has on our senses but without being aware of the power of green. Today there is much talk about the planet being made to stay green but here we are not going to talk about the environment or other heavier issues but rather about something that is close to our hearts – fashions! The color green does not have glamorous role to play like red or the ubiquitous role that black does or the feminine tones of pink or the pristineness of white but you can be sure that it does have a definite role to play. Whether it is detailed embroidered dresses to look classic every time or whether you are dressing for a party, green is here to add cheer.

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There are so many  shades of green available that it will work for party wear as well as feature among the beautiful and sober dresses for graduation ceremony with equal aplomb. Green is such a lush and verdant color, that you will discover that just looking at it or wearing something green can lift your spirits. That being said, it is more of a cool and rich color than possessing warm tones though certain shades like jeweled tones have a warmth to them. If you want to learn about the Grecian style of dressing, then a jeweled tone of green would work very well for this.

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Here Are Some Reasons That You Should Consider Wearing Gorgeous Green Dresses For Every Occasion:

Makes your eye color pop: A girl or woman would like to believe that her true beauty lies in her eyes and this is something that people have waxed poetic over the ages. Green when worn the right way, has the tendency to make the eyes of the person pop. For instance, if a person has green eyes, the green color of the iris is even more enhanced. Brown and hazel eyes seem to take on some green color when a person wears green. And blue eyes look even more intensely blue when green is worn and so on.

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Brings a fresh vibe: If you feel that your mood is becoming stale due to the weather outside or due to any other reason, pick out that cheerful green dress in a shade that flatters you and you will see that your mood starts perking up. If you are still not convinced that green is the color to pick you up, then think of how green also represents money and you will get a definite twinkle in your eye.

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There is one for everyone: There are some colors that work only for certain people with a particular type of coloring, but green has so many shades from the truly dark olive green to the frivolous lime green, that most people will find something that works with their coloring. And the shades of green that you pick up can also vary according to the occasion for which you are dressing up.

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It can be combined: Yes, if you are still hesitant to wear a dress that is completely, unforgivingly green, don’t worry; you can combine it with other colors. Green goes with many other colors right from a rich creamy off-white to even basic black depending on the shade of green you are wearing. We have seen people combine green with pink or yellow and making the look rock so go for it if you are convinced.

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We are sure we are leaving you with a wealth of thoughts and ideas; care to share some with us?