All About Checks For You To Know, Ponder And Wonder

All About Checks For You To Know, Ponder And Wonder

Have you seen the movie “There’s something about Mary”, well we would like to say the something about checks making it “there is something about girls in checks”. Yes, this article is going to be all about checks and that too how well it works on girls and women. Checks on the female form? Some may ask if that is the way to go and we can almost hear the men bellyache that we leave nothing to them exclusively in terms of clothing in one breath and admiring the vision of girls in checks in another. That is because checks though essentially considered a masculine pattern come into their own and somehow tend to emphasize the femininity of the wearer even more in a somewhat mysterious and contrasting manner.  That is why the next time you are contemplating wearing checks do not just think in terms of sober outfits to help you look lovely anytime but do think beyond that.

checks outfit 1

checks outfit 2

If you are still not convinced let us talk about kilts for women – durable and smart dressing to convince you.  Another aspect that will convince you about the use of checks in your wardrobe would be when you check out fall winter fashion outfits for this year. We are sure that by now you are starting to wrap your head around the concept of checks worn by girls and women in many outfits that makes them look even more feminine forming a contrast with the masculine print.

checks outfit 3

checks outfit 4

Many people are confused about the kind of checks that are worn as they have no idea about the types of checks there are.

checks outfit 5

checks outfit 6

We give you the classification roughly to help you figure out which are your favorites”

Gingham: Usually done with the mixing of a color with white to form checks with one colored line running in a solid way and the other in a textured way on a white background. It can be worn as shirts, tops, coats, skirts, and if you are daring even as trousers.

checks outfit 7

checks outfit 8

Madras: Named on the place of origin, this kind of checks are colorful and could have spacing of various types mixed together instead of perfect placement of line spacing found in other kinds of checks. It is better to wear these checks as shirts and tops.

checks outfit 9

checks outfit 10

Tartan: These too have uneven stripes forming the checks but not as varied as Madras checks. These are best worn for casual wear as skirts or shirts.

checks outfit 12

checks outfit 13

Shepherd: These are somewhat like gingham except that the color of the checks becomes solid only at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal line with the rest being textured.

checks outfit 15

checks outfit 16

Houndstooth: These are checks that are uneven and have a pointy look, which explains the name given to them. Earlier on these could only be found in black and white but now can be found in different colors.

checks outfit 17

checks outfit 18

Windowpane: As the name suggests, the lines in this kind of checks are widely spaced and very thin. These are more suitable for formal wear and can be worn as shirts in most instances.

checks outfit 19

checks outfit 20

Graph: If you have created graphs on paper or on spreadsheets, then you would be very familiar with these checks and would need no explanation. Best worn as shirts and casual jackets.

checks outfit 22

checks outfit 23

Tatterstall : These are checks that are on  the sober side but consisting of more than two or three colors placed in alternate arrangements.

checks outfit 24

checks outfit 25

checks outfit 26

checks outfit 27

Pin: These checks that are so small and tiny that they almost look like dots from a distance. Can be worn in many forms to make up tops, shirts, skirts, trousers and jackets too.