The Color Of The Season Is Burgundy

The Color Of The Season Is Burgundy

What do you have to say about a color that is deep, yet not dull, rich yet sober and suits girls and women with most kinds of coloring? Yes, we are talking about the delightful shade that is called burgundy. Though officially falling under the red palette, it is not a shade that is exactly red but is classified in that way because it marks the color of a red wine – burgundy. You should know about moods, colors, and fashions that go with them to know what a big role color plays in the way you feel and thereby the way you look. The more you think about it, the more obvious will the huge role that colors play in fashion will become.

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You will find burgundy a rich yet versatile shade to have in your wardrobe so that you find out the best ways to use it to your advantage. The more you look at burgundy and study it, the more it will figure in the best dress color combinations for women.

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While burgundy is a great color, it can also be pretty intense and that is why you should look for interesting ways to style it. Here are some:

The sweet sweater: A sweater in burgundy is not warming to the body but the warm colors will make any onlooker feel warm just to look at the way the warm color fits the form. You can style it in many ways with a lighter skirt, pants, or go for darker pants and skirt. You just cannot go wrong with the lovely sweater.

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The daring dress: There are many styles of dresses that you can wear in the burgundy color. This means the short and flirty dress can look as good as the long, silky and slightly formal floor length dress can look as good as can any other length and style in between.

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The pretty pants: Yes, pants can also look awesome in this shade of color if only you dare to wear it. In fact, styled in the formal wear and coupled with warmer shades of white and cream, a pair of burgundy pants can be worn for formal occasions too.

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The cute coat: A burgundy colored coat or jacket is a great way to complete a nice outfit. This goes well with lighter colors like black and dark blue as well as with lighter colors like cream and beige.

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The burgundy boots: The simple flat shoes or the pair of boots or the stiletto heels and all other types of shoes can look great in the burgundy color. This can be paired with outfits where at least one item of clothing or accessory is in burgundy.

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The sexy scarf: The warm muffler or scarf can be a great accessory in the cold months of winter or during the changing weather of winter. You can combine this with a lighter colored dress or top.

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The hot handbag: A handbag in burgundy can be a classy touch that will take any outfit from the merely normal to a higher level. The burgundy handbag looks best when it is in leather.

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The tiptop: A burgundy colored top can be either worn in the formal style or the casual style. In fact, you can wear a burgundy top on any style of skirt or pants and have the outfit look really rich at once.

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The color burgundy can also be used in makeup in the form of lipstick to add a subtle and sexy class to the way you look. Did you find any new way to use the color burgundy in the way you dress?