Floral Tops And The Role They Play In Women’s Fashion

Floral Tops And The Role They Play In Women’s Fashion

What can one say about floral prints in general and that too when a pretty girl wears a floral top? It is a sight that will make you smile and perk your day though strictly speaking, floral tops are not considered the height of fashion in most instances. That should not however discourage you from wearing floral tops as they are trendy outfit ideas with floral pants, which are a radical concept, so wearing a floral top should be perfectly acceptable.  Combining floral tops  with a skirt or pants with prints on them could be among the printed fashion outfits to make your friends jealous.

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There are people out there who feel that it is not so cool to wear floral tops but even they will agree that wearing a floral top with a light skirt or with shorts makes one of the most perfect summer evening outfits.

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From time immemorial women have been talked about as if they are akin to flowers. And this comparison has worked because there are some elements of truth in it. Like for instance there is a delicate beauty to a woman in full bloom that brings to mind the look on flowers when they too are in bloom. The fragrance, the way the skin of women feels, the way women are stronger than they look, the way a women can be as tender as she is prickly are among the factors that make people compare floral beauty with that of a woman. Having said all that, you should know that floral prints on women also work for all the reasons that we have stated above. They tend to look as if they belong together.

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However, when it comes to women and fashions, you will agree that if it does not look good and does not go with the fashion rules of the time, no woman would be seen dead in something unsuitable however pretty it maybe. That is why, even when a woman is dressing in floral prints, which seems apt, it is important to know what works and what doesn’t.

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Keeping This In Mind, We Give You Some Broad Guidelines On How To Make The Most Of Floral Tops So That You Look Your Best:

The size of the prints matters: Yes, size does matter at least when it comes to the size of the floral print on your top. The rule is simple when it comes to the print size; the bigger the size of the print, the huger your upper body is going to look and it is better for you to stick to smaller prints if you are gifted with a generous upper body.

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What you wear it with is vital: If you are going to wear a floral top, then it is better to let it be the star of the outfit and you can do this by combining it with a solid colored bottom. This solid colored skirt or pants can be in matching hues or in total contrast or if you want it can also be neutral. Mixing too many prints with a floral top will make the onlooker flinch if you are not very sure how to do this right.

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Color combinations also count: The colors of the  print also makes a big difference  as you will realize when you wear the floral top. The coloring you have and the colors that you have going in the floral top also need to work together or the outfit may look off-kilter. Just because we are talking of floral prints does not mean that it has to be obvious and loud, even the self-kind of design will work.