Fashionable Hats For The Current Season

Fashionable Hats For The Current Season

Hats were part of the fashion scene in a very big way at least in the past but somehow we have lost this fashion accessory to changing times. However, if you are a hat lover, there is good news for you in that hats are making a big comeback in the fashion scene today. Hats will definitely  feature among the kinds of head gear that women can wear and how.  If you want to be really nitpicky or technical about it you could even consider hats as part of the classic masculine fashion ideas for women , but it still works. On a younger note, then hats can be used as part of preppy outfits for women to create that young but eager professional look.

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For the past few fashion seasons, there seems to be a trend that may not seem significant or special to the younger girls and women of today. But for those of us who are older or mature may somehow get a feeling of déjà vu as some elements of fashion are making a comeback from days past. One of the trends is that of wearing hats and this is an awesome trend no matter how you view it. Hats are not only great to add an interesting twist or angle to your twist but also come in handy in keeping your tresses protected from heat, wind or the cold.

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Here Are Some Basic Hat Types For You To Know In Order To Find The One That Works For You:

The floppy sun hat: This is a very fashionable hat that can almost be considered timeless given that it has been in existence for a long time. What makes this hat so fashionable is the fact that it can be as dignified or a frivolous as you want based on what color you pick and the embellishments that you add to it. Starting from the plainest one with no decorations, these can range up to those extravagant hats that seem to have a jungle or profusion of fruits and flowers on it.

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The fedora flash: This is a very masculine hat that even women (which seems to be the case with most masculine fashion accessories) can carry off in a flash. In fact the almost serious look that this hat lends when worn in its plainest avatar makes it formal wear but if you tweak it a bit, then you can wear it for almost any occasion.

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The boyish cap: This is purely a fun hat that can be perched on top of your head with casual attire. Of course, like all other hats, this too protects your head from the elements. What is more, you can twist it sideways for a playful boyish touch.

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The beret: A formal hat that looks classy with formal suits and gowns, this one can be made to look a bit more glamorous with a few extra touches. There is a certain mystery to this look that makes the wearer look good in it.

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The cloche: A ladylike hat that takes a suit and makes it more leading lady like if you want to have a look like that. This comes in handy when you want to make an entrance without going overboard.

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The beanie: This is more of a warmth giving hat than one that adds glamor. Having said that, you can play around with the colors and the way it is embellished to make it look a tad more glamor.

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A hat can be a very glamorous and fun accessory as long as you know how to carry it off.