Different Ways To Wear White – Learn More

Different Ways To Wear White – Learn More

Pristine, plain, virginal and yet so interesting. These are some ways that white is seen in the fashion world though some color purists may argue that white is not even a color. While many of us associate white with wedding gowns, it is not the only use for this color. In fact, the use of white can be done in so many interesting ways that once you get to know some of them, you will wonder how you managed without these tips before. There are many perfect outfit ideas with white jeans if you want to wear white in a casual manner. While we are on the subject of white, then it would be remiss not to mention its perfect partner – black. Do check out these sophisticated black and white fashion ideas to know what we mean.

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We all know about the huge role that colors play in fashion and that is why it is important to learn about the use of all colors including white. We are sure by now you must be eager to know something about the different ways to wear white.

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Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started On Some Different Ways To Wear White:

All white with a splash of color: On hot summer days when you want to appear your coolest best, then wear all white and if you feel this is too dull, then add one item in contrast. This can be anything ranging from a scarf to a piece of jewelry to make the whole outfit pop.

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Contrast with one white accessory: In case you feel that wearing all white is not the way to go then you could try wearing a dark outfit and adding white as one stark accessory. This could be either shoes or a bag or even a hair band to make the dark color come alive. You can try this contrast with white accessory even with lighter or pastel shades.

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White with beige: Yes, the idea of wearing white with beige is something that may not seem all that appealing but in some instances it seems so apt that you would wonder why you did not think of this combination before. It is a combination through its very incongruity makes the outfit look elegant and classic. The caution is that you can only wear this combination in some situations not all.

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White top: The white top with a dark suit (either skirt or pant suit) or with dark bottoms (once again, skirt or pants) is a great way to go. This looks great and somehow the white top makes the whole look elegant and classic and has a way of taking light from the surroundings to reflect on your face.

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Pristine white: Don’t want to spoil the completely white look? In that case, go for something that is completely white from top to bottom. And if you have a bit of bronzing effect or a tan going on, then all the better. The only thing you have to ensure while wearing an outfit that is completely white is to make sure the tone works with your complexion.

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White bottoms: Yes, white skirts or white jeans or white trousers look amazing and seem to scream classic elegance without you putting too much effort. Many girls and women hesitate to wear white this way as they feel that it makes their bottom portion look big, but with the right cut and fitting, it can look really good.

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Textured white: Another nice way to style white is by using texture clothing for one part of the outfit. This could be in the form of white denim or lace or corduroy or something else that has texture.