All You Wanted To Know About Rope Belts

All You Wanted To Know About Rope Belts

Have you ever looked up from your desk at work or at school or college only to see a girl or woman walk by confident in their elegance? We are sure most of us have come across such situations and wanted some of their confidence for ourselves. The thing about such sartorial confidence is that it comes from trying something new without hesitation and wearing it with style. One such accessory that you may have noticed in recent times is the rope belts. The most elegant people seem to have taken on this fashion accessory that adds class and casualness to an outfit without even trying. The first thing that you need to learn to get the rope belt right is to find out more about the different types of belts that women wear.

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Once you do that, also make it a point to learn how to use belts for maximum advantage so that you know what works on your body type. You could also do well to learn about beautiful high waisted fashion outfits so that you know what you are doing.

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Here Are Some Interesting Things That You Should Know About Rope Belts:

As the name suggests, this is a belt that is essentially made of rope that has been plaited together. This of course is the simple definition, because when it comes to fashion nothing is as simple as that. The thing is a rope belt can be made out of actual rope or out of leather strips fashioned to look like a rope.

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If you are going for a basic rope belt, then do make sure that you go for one that is not stark black in color. Instead going for something in cream or beige or those sort of colors would look more elegant. A rope belt is something that you can yourself fashion out of bits of clothing or leather strips and when you are making it yourself , you can ensure that it matches the outfit you are wearing.

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However, a rope belt is more of a casual accessory than one that is too formal, so do not over match or else the whole looks is bound to fail. Another thing you should remember about rope belts is that it does not entirely have to be made of rope. By saying this, what we mean is that you can have half the belt made out of leather and the other part made of rope.

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What is more, you can also go for a leather belt with a nice buckle or if you are so inclined, then you can also simply knot up the belt around your dress. While there are many images that we have provided here for you to get an idea about how rope belts work, let us give you some food for thought.  Imagine this you are dressed in a calf length dress made of linen in dark green or navy blue with very few buttons. You can add a touch of casual elegance to this outfit by belting it loosely or tightly with a rope belt

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Or you have a tunic dress that is pretty short and in a print that you adore but you are unable to wear it because it makes you look stubby. In this case tying a simple rope belt at the right area on your torso will automatically add curves to your body.

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Add some sandals and a pair of sunglasses, you are good to take the beach by storm as you walk up to meet your friends. As we said earlier, there are many ways in which you can style the rope belt.