Who Will Be The Breakout Star Designer In 2015? Read On

Who Will Be The Breakout Star Designer In 2015? Read On

When it comes to fashion, people tend to look at the work of the major designers who are going to make it big in their opinion. The thing is even when you look at top jewelry designers of the world for you to know about; you wonder what outfit by which designer will work with the pieces of jewelry. We all watch all the awards that are given to stars on the red carpet but we also like to look at the way they are dressed; it is almost an inevitable part of the whole program. Take for instance Cannes film festival dresses and find the fashion sense behind this.

Sometimes when you are daydreaming about how you want your life to shape up then you wonder what the breakout star designers will come up with and how you will look in them. You have to admit that the memorable magic of Manish Malhotra creations is bound to put a wistful and hopeful smile on your face.

Here We Present The Breakout Star Designers That You Have To Look Out For This Year:

john galliano 1

john galliano 2

john gallliano 3

John Galliano: The couture collection that Galliano will present in London in the beginning of the year is something that everyone is waiting for. The thing is Galliano’s journey to this stage was not without its share of hurdles.

Guillaume Henry 1

Guillaume Henry 3

Guillaume Henry 4

Guillaume Henry: He has been pointed out as deserving credit for converting the Couture house Carven before he was poached by Nina Ricci. The thing is his collection makes the clothing more affordable without losing the glamor factor.

Simon Porte Jacquemus 1

Simon Porte Jacquemus 2

Simon Porte Jacquemus 3

Simon Porte Jacquemus: While some consider making fashion a fun thing is something that can be a risk, it can work when the person doing is a genius. Now Jacquemus is working on a new global brand.

Peter Copping 3

Peter Copping 9

Peter Copping 10

Peter Copping: He comes with an important history of having worked with Marc Jacobs and Nina Ricci, and is now being expected at Oscar de la Renta, where he is supposed to make his mark.

Marc Jacobs 3

Marc Jacobs 4

Marc Jacobs 5

Marc Jacobs: This year could be the point where the fashion scene turns for Marc and he has been giving indications of this coming to reality with his work under Kate Hillier and Luella Bartley.

Louisa and Pookie Burch 3

Louisa and Pookie Burch 6

Louisa and Pookie Burch 7

Louisa and Pookie Burch: With the lineage and standing of their father and stepmother, some may think these sisters will be overshadowed. But that is not the case at all as they have created their mark with their special silhouettes and colors.

Zaid Affas 1

Zaid Affas 2

Zaid Affas 3Preview

Zaid Affas: Born in Britain but based out of Los Angeles this graduate from Central Saint Martins who has some years of experience under his belt with some known brands. Now we are sure that he is coming out with his own collection with blouses, gowns, and trench coats with the architectural bent.

Paul Andrew 1

Paul Andrew 2

Paul Andrew 3

Paul Andrew: This designer is known for his shoe designers and he is known to have worked with as many as five different collections. This year we expect his look and signature style to make a mark on the fashion scene that women will long for.

Riccardo Tisci 1

ricardo tisci 7

Riccardo Tisci 4

Riccardo Tisci: This Italian designer is the one person who is known to be the most likely to transform the designer home with his collection. He is a designer who is not only great to look at but also fun to watch.

J.W. Anderson 2

J.W. Anderson 3

J.W. Anderson 5

J.W. Anderson: Anderson and his bags for both the sexes have been met with loads of appreciation. The bungee cord drawstring tote to knotted clutch are some of the best accessories to make it on the fashion scene.

Now that we have given you some names to watch out for, do tell us who is likely to make the biggest mark on the fashion scene.