Learn How To Use The Color Brown To Up The Fashion Ante

Learn How To Use The Color Brown To Up The Fashion Ante

The color brown has had a bad press in terms of fashion, not being as striking as black or as bright as pink. People often associate the color brown as a non-color that does not make a difference to a person’s attire. Actually, when you think of it, the color brown can be a great way to make things look earthy and charming, if you change the way you think about it. The fact that brown is a formal color makes it a great part of unboring work outfits for you. The many shades of brown should be part of the huge role that colors play in fashion.

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In fact, when you think of one of the coolest fashion accessories, which is leather, the color brown plays an important role in it. You should learn about leather based fashions – some dos and don’ts before you start experimenting with it.

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Here Are Some Aspects Of The Color Brown So That You Start Viewing It From A Different Point Of View And Use It In Your Wardrobe To Up Your Fashion Ante:

Warm chocolate: One of the main aspects of the color brown that you need to remember is that it is the color of a favorite – chocolate. Warm, enticing, sweet and tasty, chocolate is something that appeals to most of us and when you start thinking of brown as being a representative of chocolate, you will see what we mean. We cannot think of anything more appealing than the light caramels and the dark browns of chocolate even when it comes to clothing and fashion.

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Contrast to black: Just picture this – you are dressed for a formal occasion in a severe black dress and you add a belt of brown leather, brown shoes and carry a brown leather bag. Does this not make an appealing picture? Shades of brown can contrast with black but in a subtle way that brings together the whole outfit without being dramatically contrasting.

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Brown eye makeup: Even if you are the type who is a bit reticent about makeup, you will find that going with the many shades of brown ranging from the beige to the chocolate hues, can have a lot of appeal. The thing is eye makeup, which is something that many women are hesitant about experimenting with, can be made more interesting with the use of the color brown. What is more, since the color has an unexpected richness to it can add a rich but subdued appeal to your eyes.

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Hair coloring: Many people go on about the appeals of the color blonde when it comes hair color but we all know that blond does not work on all. In fact, many women can benefit from a bit of mellow coloring and this is provided by brown and the many shades that brown offers. There is a huge appeal to hair that is brown and styled well instead of an unsuitable red or blond. Many of us want hair that works with our features and something that is not obvious.

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We are sure that you have gathered some ideas and concepts on how to use the color brown in your dressing to make you look even more fashionable. We have mentioned the use of color brown more in the formal sense, when in fact; a brown colored top or a jacket could even work well with casual attire like jeans. The uses of the color brown can be done in many ways starting with formal clothing, to party wear to the most casual of outfits.