Caftans – The New Fashion Trend This Year

Caftans – The New Fashion Trend This Year

There are very few fashion trends that are charming to look at and comfortable at the same time. When you find a fashion trend like that, you need to grasp it and enjoy it as much as you can. The caftan is one such fashion trend that you will find fits the bill. In fact, if you are looking for fashion trends to use to dress right during pregnancy, then the caftan could be a winner for you. Alternatively the caftan is also a very useful thing to have in your wardrobe when you are putting together cool and easy road trip outfits as it is cool, comfortable and pretty at the same time.

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Some people tend to confuse the kimono and the caftan and they would not be completely wrong as you can grasp when you look at sweet kimono chic outfit ideas. Therefore it should come as no surprise to you that caftans that have been a part of the fashion scene for a while are a part of the fashion trends for the year 2015-2016.

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Here Are Some Factors That Make The Caftans Such A Valuable Fashion Trend:

You can find caftans in various materials: Only girls and women with discerning fashion sense will find this aspect of caftans so intriguing and interesting. Since you can get caftans in most materials ranging from natural fabrics like cotton or silk or synthetic materials like georgette, you will find that they can be used for many occasions.

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Caftans are of many lengths: Traditionally caftans are of floor length but today you will find caftans come in all sorts of lengths like skirt length, or blouse level or a mini dress length. This means that you can find a caftan of suitable material, length, and embellishments to be worn to a party or of a length to be worn as a short dress to the beach.

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It is handy of hiding and highlighting: A caftan by definition has a cinched in waist and sleeves that flow out on the sides like butterfly wings. The neckline can be as chaste or as naughty as you want it to be. In the same way, the slit on the side can be as minimal or as high as you want it to be. This means that you can make the caftan to emphasize the waist or the cleavage and at the same time concealing sticky points like unwaxed arms etc.

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Can be a dress or top: Since the caftan is a dress by definition but comes in many lengths as mentioned earlier, it would not be wrong to combine it with a well fitting pair of jeans or tights. This means that you can pretty much wear it as a top instead of a complete dress if you feel the need to do so in colder weather or depending on the situation.

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As concealing or revealing: You want to wear the caftan in order to look so hot as to have onlookers gasping for breath? You can absolutely do it by picking one out in transparent material that leaves very little to imagination. Add a deep neckline and a plunging back and you have just increased the temperature. That is not all, you can also play around with the slit or even wear one that is asymmetrical to take the charm a notch up.

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We are sure that after reading what we have and looking at the pictures, you must be eager to try out a caftan for yourself. If you have not already decided to do so, we feel it is time you did.