Wear The Pinafore Dress For A Smart And Sleek Look

Wear The Pinafore Dress For A Smart And Sleek Look

We are sure that the word or term pinafore brings back memories of school days or days of the past when girls and women wore this fashion. While the pinafore has been maligned due to this association, it is a dressing style that can be smart and even look sleek if you let the look right. While pinafore style may seem akin to apron style dresses – home grown fashion for you, the thing about pinafores is that they can look sensational if you know how to work them. If you are one of those girls or women who like corduroy and is into corduroy skirts – a smart and casual way to dress, then the pinafore idea will appeal to you.

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The thing about pinafore style dresses is that they have a girly charm all of their own and could definitely counted among preppy outfits for women.

Wear The Pinafore Dress For A Smart And Sleek Look

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Here Are Some Of The Major Advantages Or Charms Of Wearing Pinafore Style Outfits:

It makes your upper half look trimmer: Many of us are very conscious of having a heavy bustline and this makes us feel uncomfortable with wearing certain style of dresses. A pinafore style dress or tunic when worn with a suitable top underneath can help you underplay this while still looking great. Some of us feel conscious about having a heavy bosom and shoulder and this is negated by wearing a suitable pinafore outfit. The one thing that you have to keep in mind while wearing such outfits is not to make it look too childish or young.

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Pinafores can be sexy too: With sleeveless A-line tunic that can be long, medium, or short in various fabrics, the pinafore holds within itself an immense potential to be sexy and old fashioned at the same time. A low cut neckline with a slinky top worn inside can make the outfit look really sexy without going overboard. While many of us imagine only small kids wearing pinafore style outfits, it can work as well on grown women.

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Play with the fabrics for many styles: If you are working on creating a more formal look with the pinafore, then you can use a more formal kind of fabric. And if you are going for a playful and casual look, then denim is a great fabric to use that looks good even when the fabric is faded either by design or due to wear and tear. Pinafores styled out of chiffon or silk to make it look like attractive party wear. Now that we have given you some idea on the different ways to style pinafores, we are sure that you will get a lot of ideas on the type of fabrics that can be used.

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Suits all kinds of weather: Imagine this- it is a cold winter day and you are wearing a warm corduroy or velvet pinafore paired with a warm sweater within along with warm socks and boots. Sounds warm and cozy, right? On the other hand – imagine wearing a long thin cotton pinafore complete with long slits on the side for movement with a slinky top inside on a hot sunny day. Sounds just right, doesn’t it? Now you know what we mean by saying that this look can work for any kind of weather.

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The next time you are looking for a change in the way you dress, you can consider the pinafore style. Do make sure that you are selecting one that will work with your looks and the kind of environment you are in along with the accessories that you will wear with it to make it more appropriate.