How To Rock The Frilly Dress? Find Out More

How To Rock The Frilly Dress? Find Out More

We generally associate frills with something silly or over the top, but believe us frills can be sexy too when you know how to do it. In addition, we are not just talking about cutesy babies or slender teenagers but also about grown women. Just think about it; do you think a feature like frills would have survived if it had no merits to it? After all, many fashion features have come and died without a trace of a whimper but that is not the case with frills. You can even combine frills with sensual backless dresses and still look amazing.

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How To Rock The Frilly Dress?

There is no doubt that the frill is a big blessing to those women who are not endowed with curves and want to look bootylicious for a special occasion. You can be sure the best wedding dresses styles for skinny women would recommend frills to be added in many ways. What is more, we are sure frills in one way or another would be part of cute skirts if you want to get noticed.

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Here Are Some Notes On How Frills Could Work To Your Advantage:

Add frills below the bulge you want to hide: The thing is when you feel or have a thicker waist, you may feel that you cannot wear a frilly skirt. In that case, all you need to do is ensure that the skirt has a wrapped and fitted waistline up about the mid-thigh level after which you can add the frills. This way the area above will look smaller and give you much needed support and make you look voluptuous.

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Curve it up on top: If you are one of those who is conscious of being not so well endowed on top, then a few strategically placed frills. In fact, you can make the top look really sexy especially when you go off-shoulder with a few frill. The thing is, you should make sure that you do not go overboard.

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Know your frills: The thing about frills is that they may seem fairly simple but that is far from the truth. The thing is the same frill may look different when created out of a different material. Then there are frills that are intense, some that are light and some that are almost playful. That is why you need to come to grips with the type of frills that are out there before going for one.

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Frills can be fitted too: One always tends to think of frills in terms of being diaphanous and loose but that is not the case. The fact is frills can be added to an outfit that is well fitted and trim. Why else would they have frills on dress tops and shirts that are worn with suits?

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The thing is frills tend to have a flirtatious and playful aspect to them to a large extent, which is why we tend to consign frills to baby outfits and bridal wear. Another aspect that makes girls and women afraid to try frills is because frills are tougher to maintain. This aspect is true and you will need to treat your frills with care if you want them to look the way they are supposed to. However, once you get past the little bit of fuss and care that frills need, you will realize that they have much to offer. What frills have to offer to many styles of dressing is something that you need to explore instead of just bringing them out when you need to add length and a touch of color to some dress or skirt.