Top Jewelry Designers Of The World For You To Know About

Top Jewelry Designers Of The World For You To Know About

While the deep thinkers and the so-called intellectuals will tell you that jewelry is superficial, any girl or woman worth her salt will tell you how much these shiny things mean to her. These shiny things have the capacity to lift your mood and make you feel more attractive even if it is for just a few moments. That is why, the next time you feel blue, you should look up the splendid jewelry trends to try in 2015. Many girls and women though they are interested in jewelry don’t pursue it because they feel it is too expensive for them to afford but that may not be the case for all types of jewelry. It is possible to get reasonably priced jewelry that is of good quality.

All you need to do is learn about diamond jewelry and a more fashionable you to realise that. This way you can start investing in a few worthy pieces of jewelry and wear them in conjunction with other pieces. To do that you will need to learn how to wear your jewelry right.

However, Just For The Sake Of Gaining Knowledge And Quenching Your Thirst About Jewelry You Should Check Out The Top Jewelry Designers From Across The World:

bulgari 3

bulgari 2

Bulgari at 10: Sotirio Bulgari who was descended from Greek silversmiths founded the business. The business started in Italy and moved on to Rome in 1884. Today you will find that jewelry by Bulgari enjoys a lot of popularity across the world.

Van Cleef and Arpels 3

Van Cleef  and  Arpels  2

Van Cleef & Arpels at 9: This is a luxury French jewelry brand, which started in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels who was his brother-in-law. Van Cleef designs have a theme of flowers and animals in them and are popular as they are pretty colorful and full of intricate details.

mikimoto 1

mikimoto 2

Mikimoto at 8: He is known as the person who was responsible for producing the first cultured pearl. It is needless to say that the jewelry produced by Mikimoto today uses cultured pearls of the highest quality that is popular around the world.

graff jewelry 1

graff jewelry 2

Graff at 7: Graff diamonds was started in 1960 by Lawrence Graff in London and this has expanded across the world. As you can guess, they produce diamond jewelry of the best quality with them being involved in the business right from sourcing the diamond, cutting and polishing it and then setting it in the jewelry.

chopard jewelry 1

chopard jewelry 2

Chopard at 6: The founder started with a workshop in 186 in a Swiss village. They have built a reputation for being good at watch movements. Their jewelry is testament to their commitment to quality and design.

piaget jewelry 1

piaget jewelry 2

Piaget at 5: The first watch of Piaget was designer in 1874 and the brand became known for their quality and design. They are known for their ultra-thin watch designs that look great and work well. They have an impeccable reputation in the world of quality jewelry.

harry winston jewelry 3

harry winston jewelry 2

Harry Winston at 4: He is an American jeweler who started in the business in 1932 and is known to be good at providing jewelry especially to celebrities. In the year 1949, Harry Winston bought Hope diamond and has branches across America, Asia, and Europe.

tiffany jewelry 1

tiffany jewelry 2

Tiffany’s at 3: The Tiffany was opened by John Young and Charles Tiffany in 1837 at New York. In 1853, Tiffany took over the business and thereby came about the name.  They now collaborate with many designers and artists to have a collection of jewelry that is known for its quality and design.

bucellati jewelry 1

bucellati jewelry 2

Bucellati at 2: This is a firm that is known for their lovely pieces of jewelry that has intricate engraving on them and jewelry that is custom made. The business is run by descendants of Mario Buccellati who founded this business in 1919 in Milan.

cartier jewelry 1

cartier jewelry 2

Cartier at 1: Started in 1847 this French jeweler and fashion house has been providing jewelry to royalty. They have history of providing jewelry to kings and queens across Europe. They specialize in classic jewelry along with innovative designs.