Some Of The Main Factors That Define Scandinavian Fashion

Some Of The Main Factors That Define Scandinavian Fashion

The thing about fashion is that it is not something that exists in isolation and in fact, is something that draws influences and inspirations from various aspects of different places. That is why, sometimes you will see that geography will have an influence on the fashion of the place evolves. Whether it is cute autumn fashion outfits for 2015 or the way people dress in tropical climates. Even when you take a closer look at the hot winter outfit fashion ideas for 2014, there is the definite influence of Scandinavian fashions on it.

That is why when you decide on things like holiday dresses the right way to dress when out on vacation, you will need to look at the geographical influence to get it right. If you are wondering why we are emphasizing the influence of geographical factors on fashion by quoting Scandinavia as an example, because there is a definite influence of weather on the way people dress. The influence of cold or mild weather can have an influence on the way people dress.

Here Are The Main Factors That Define Scandinavian Fashion:

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Black is in: The thing is in Scandinavian fashion is that black has a definite influence here even when it is summer. This is because fashion and fashion trends in such areas tend to lean towards practicality. The way they make black even better is by adding a dash of color to it. This makes the final effect of the outfit look pretty dramatic as black tends to provide a good canvas for the pop of color that you are using.

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Unisex clothing: In the earlier paragraph we had mentioned that Scandinavian fashions are rooted in practicality and this consideration is also obvious here. The thing is that fashions for men as well as women tend to have similar silhouettes, with men wearing slimmer outlines and women tending towards boxier outlines making the clothing unisex.

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Simple and modest: Given that regional fashion takes their influence from their geography and weather, the clothing here has to be modest  and simple. That is why you will find that Scandinavian fashion in general, tends to be more modest to provide coverage and warmth and tends to be practical and simple for the same reason.

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Solid and durable footwear: People in such regions tend to walk a lot rather than drive around or if required they tend to cycle. This has a definite influence on their footwear and you are more likely to come across women walking around on sturdy footwear rather than teeter around on high heels. Given the weather and the terrain of the area, it makes perfect sense to wear footwear that protects and offers comfortable movement.

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Loose and natural hair: Since the rest of the fashion influences from the Scandinavian region is rooted in practicality, it will not be much of a surprise for you to know that even hairstyle trends follow the same principle. In most cases, even the most fashionable of women tend to keep their hair looking natural especially in the day time. Which means that women tend to leave their hair curly, straight or wavy as found in their natural state without much treatment or styling done to them.

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The more you read about Scandinavian fashion trends the more you will realize that fashion influences here tend to be more practical and simpler. The fashion scene here is young and not so sophisticated. You will find that the influences of Scandinavian fashion are quite easy for you to adapt in case you wish to do so.