Shoes Fashion Vocabulary: Learn Before you go Shopping

Shoes Fashion Vocabulary: Learn Before you go Shopping

Just like fashion on the whole has a vocabulary of its own, so does the different elements that are part of fashion. And if you are not aware of the nuances of the terminology that is used, then you are likely to not follow the trends or even understand what you want and lose the ability to communicate this. That is why you need to know all about the details of shoe fashion vocabulary. The next time somebody is talking about classic brogue shoes for men and women, you can hold your own in the conversation.

Once you have a grasp on the complete shoe vocabulary, then the top luxury shoe brands for women will become really easy to understand. Armed with the information that you need to know about shoes, and then you can start thinking about the beautiful shoe racks which is what every girl dreams of.

Shoes Fashion Vocabulary: Learn Before you go Shopping

shoes fashion vocabulary

Here Are Some Of The Basic Terminology That Is Associated With Shoe Fashion Vocabulary:

Pumps: This is a name that is given to any shoe that has heels and looks elegance

Platform: These are defined as shoes where the toe area is also as thick as four inches

Cone: As the name suggests, this shoe has a thick heel that is shaped like an icecream cone.

Mary Jane: This type of shoe has a strap running across and is reminiscent of the shoes that we used to wear to school.

Peep toe: This type of shoe as the name describes is cut in a way that the big toe on the feet peeps out but only partially.

T strap: These are shoes that have a strap that runs across the foot midway and also has a strap running from where the toes end towards and ankle to connect to the mid-strap.

Open toe: This is the kind of shoe that will leave your toes exposed as the name suggests.

D’orsay: In this type of shoe, the sides are cut off to reveal the arch of the foot, though the heel and toes could be covered.

Stiletto: This shoe is characterized by a sharp and thin heel that has to be at least above two inches.

Wedge: This shoe has a heel portion that is covered from the heel to the toe forming a semi-platform.

Slingback: This shoe has a strap across the heel of the shoe, which means that the heel is not covered.

Scarpin: This is a light shoe that has a nice and thin heel going for it.

Kitten: This is a shoe that has a small heel that is pointed and is slightly curved.

Ankle strap: This style of shoe has a strap that encircles the ankle.

Chunky: This is a shoe that has a high heel that is rather rectangular in shape with a thick toe area.

Ruby slipper: This also has a rectangular shaped heel along with a flat front toe part.

Spool: This is a shoe that has a heel that is wider at the top and narrows down as it gets to the middle portion.

Lobster claw: This shoe as the name suggests has a curved shape that looks like a lobster claw.

We are sure you may have been aware of some of the shoe terminology mentioned above and some may have come as a revelation. However, once you get a grip around the shoe fashion vocabulary, you can make complete sense of all those fashion articles that talk about the kind of shoes that you are supposed to wear. In fact, you will soon find that people gravitate to you asking for advice about the kind of shoes they should be wearing.