Apron Style Dresses – Home Grown Fashion For You

Apron Style Dresses – Home Grown Fashion For You

Aprons are not something that we think of in terms of fashion or using in dresses that we wear outside the home. But the fact is aprons can add charm to your dress when you get it fashioned the right way. In fact, it is something of a period thing to do in terms of fashion in the sense that women in the past have spun the apron angle to much advantage. You would probably be surprised to know that it is the apron that has come to the rescue in the making of some of the appealing drape back dresses to try in 2015.

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If you are thinking of dressing in contrasts and wants some notes on it, again the apron angle could be considered and used with good results. Think of this – a simple black velvet dress relieved by the use of white and red polka dotted apron like addition on top. It will relieve the intense black of the plain velvet and add a playful look to this dress. The thing about the apron is that it has gained a dowdy reputation since it belongs to the woman who cooks in the kitchen but it does have a lot of appeal when you sit down to think about it. In fact, when you think of beautiful print dress ideas for your little girl, adding apron to it would not be such a bad idea.

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Here Are Some Advantages Of Apron Style Dresses:

Quintessentially feminine: While the apron has become a bit unappealing due to its association with women who have to slave over stoves, one cannot deny that an apron is very feminine. It is this quintessential femininity of the apron that needs to be inculcated into any dress to add appeal to it. The apron dress works at being really feminine and also can add a girlish appeal to the whole ensemble.

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Hourglass appeal: Another advantage with the apron dress style is that it works at accentuating the bust area, cinches the waist and adds a curve to the hip area. In essence it creates the hour glass effect to a girl’s body which is one of the most appealing ways to look even if it is considered a tad old fashioned. An apron dress does have the ability to draw the eye to the feminine curves.

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Quirky touches: Many of us like to dress in such a way that we do not blend in but stand out and that too in a good way. One way to go about doing that is by adding quirky touches to your dress like a pin or saying or bow. The apron dress makes it really possible to do this with ease. You will find that you can add many kinds of quirky touches very easily with the apron style dress.

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Add new life: We all have our favourite dresses that we wear time and again as they have the virtue of being comfortable and looking good on you too. This means that the dress will inevitably start looking old due to much usage. This happens to most dresses no matter how carefully you work at maintaining it. Adding an apron like addition to an old dress can actually add new life to the dress and you will be able to get more use out of it.

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We leave you with a lot of concepts and ideas around the apron style dress and hope that you too find the appeal in this old fashioned addition. While the apron style dress is definitely old fashioned it is also a classic that works even today.