10 Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry

10 Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry

What does love have to do with fashion? Everything! Love is something that will always be in fashion, for starters and for another love is probably the reason that most girls and women show so much interest in fashion for. Think about it, apart from being the life force that sustains us love also does a lot of good fashion-wise. That is why we give so much importance to love and when it comes to love, there is no dearth of literature around the place. There are sad love quotes for him from the heart when you need to put your angst across to him. On the other hand, you have cute short love stories to make you smile. However, we all have to admit, that the love stories that stay in your head are the ones that are sad.

That is why, when you look for romantic love letters for him, there is a thread of sadness and angst running through you as there is always a chance that your love story too could turn sad though you wish that it never did.

Sad Love Stories That Make You Cry

Here Are Ten Sad Love Stories That Will Leave You With A Lump In Your Throat:


He loved her but did not know how to say it: We are sure this is the story of many young men out there who like someone a lot but do not find the words to express the way they feel to the girl they love. This is how Alan missed out on his love for Emily. She was beautiful and popular and he was the nerd of the class. Need we say more? It never even got started, but the worst part was that he married someone who made his life miserable and she hooked up with someone who could never see how special she was. The ghost of their love story could be read in their eyes.

sad couple 3

She loved him but felt she was not worthy: She was funny, she was smart, she was adorable but the one thing she was not was beautiful. Never mind that people loved hanging out with her and loved to bask in the warmth of her nature. When Suzy fell for Andy, she fell hard. Her feelings were on her face and soon “well-meaning friends” were telling her that Andy may say yes to her but it would not look good because she was not the type he usually dated. She never told him the way she felt and both went their ways without ever knowing what could have been. Suzy always wondered what could have been if only she had told Andy she liked him.

sad couple 2

She waited for him but not long enough: She was the belle of the ball and he was a hero. Eyes met, chemistry zinged across rooms and soon Patty and Charles were dancing to music that could be heard only by them. One had to just look at them to know that they were crazy about each other. Then why did this love story become sad. Because of pride and ambition, he left seeking his fortunes in faraway lands (she was rich he was not) asking her to wait. However, Patty was hurt to think he considered her so shallow as to want only his money. She agreed to wait for one year and no more. One year passed and still, there was no sign of Charles nor was there any communication. Patty waited for three more months before she moved on. A short two months after, she was engaged, Charles was back. Do we have to say more?

sad couple 5

He looked at her but never saw her: Can best friends become lovers? Well, this is one question that can be answered only by the friends in this case. After all, not all friends make good lovers but if the bond and chemistry is good, there is always a possibility that it could work. Zack and Winnie had been good friends from the time they were in diapers. She was cute and he was hunky. They hung out all the time and though Zack looked at Winnie, he never saw that she was perfect for him until she left for college. By the time he decided to talk to her about it, she was involved with someone else. He never truly saw her the way he should have.

Young Couple Seated Back To Back

Age and distance came between their love: Love knows no limitations but she was 36 and he was 19. Robert knew the moment he looked at Lacey that she was the one. But do you think that these things work quite that way? Soon, the whole town was talking about the scandal of the old spinster seducing the young man, while it was always Robert who pursued her. This love story soon ended when Lacey was forced to take a job in a different country due to all the gossip their love generated. Love really did not conquer all barriers in this case.

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She never looked back to see him waiting: Penny was a serial dater and she soon earned a name for being fast and loose. Benny, however, never thought of her like that; he thought of her as a goddess of love. He loved her and was willing to wait for her to realize this, but she never did. After her fling with him she walked away not looking back once. If only she had, she would have seen him waiting with open arms and she would not have to spend her later life lonely and bitter.

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They met when it was too late for either of them: Do you believe in soul mates? Both Jane and Parker did and they waited for a long time. As fate would have it, they only dashed into each other when they were committed to someone and had started a family. The question that will continue to haunt them is whether they should leave everything, hurt everyone just to be with each other or simply hang on to things knowing that their soul mate was waiting there for them?

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If only, became the curse of their love: If you ask anybody who has lost a love in their life what are the words they hate most, they will tell you it is the words “if only”. If only Raven was not from a different race and country, if only Richard was brave and resourceful enough to make things work. If only the world did not see their color and race when they looked at the two together, maybe today this would not be a sad story.

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The love that never was meant to end: This was supposed to be the story with the fairytale ending, yes the one where they were to live happily ever after. Kate was lovely, Herb was cute, they met, they fell in love while their families looked on approvingly. However, Kate was of doubting nature and this killed the whole story. Herb could not live with her controlling nature and she could not curb her nature. Things ended on a bitter note, what could have been sweet became sour.

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He never knew until she left: Lucky are those who have had a chance to love even if they lose it… that is how the saying goes. But what would you say about a love that was lost even before it was found just because one of them took the other for granted. Only when Tina left did Ralph realize how much she meant to him. He decided to wait for his love but she was lost to the world itself forever. It is indeed sad to see things end this way.


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