Learn To Plan Your Wardrobe For The Whole Week

Learn To Plan Your Wardrobe For The Whole Week

Today girls and women have a fuller and more diverse life than they used to before. This is not something that we can deny that while our choices as women are more viable it also means that the onus of looking good and being up to the mark has also gone up. One of the ways that women can counter these increasing demands on their limited time is by planning well. In addition, when it comes to planning, one has to give priority you have to give priority to the task that takes more time and in this case it is deciding what to wear so that you look good for all times. Whether it is casual weekend looks for women or if it is office dressing for women decoded into easy to adapt steps, there is help at hand. One of the things that women spend a lot of time on is party wear for women and how to go about it.

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We Will Take You Through Some Of The Steps That You Need To Follow In Order To Be Able To Plan Your Wardrobe For The Whole Week In Advance In Just 10 Minutes:

Evaluate your wardrobe: Many women have a lot of clothes but they are not really aware of what they own and simply wear what is at hand. It is a good idea to take a good look at your wardrobe and take stock. You will find that planning becomes easier after you do this. Like for instance, a particular skirt may come in handy for office wear and can be used for a date too. Alternatively, that a certain formal dress is really kind to your body on those days when you feel bloated. Some tops can easily go from office to date dressing just by adding a scarf or some other accessory. Once you study your wardrobe, you will find that the combinations just flow. You can then mentally allot some dresses for each occasion that you need to be dressed up for the next week.

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Make a schedule for the week: Once you are done evaluating your wardrobe, it makes a lot of sense to make a schedule for the week. Only when you do that do your realize how many dress changes you have to make in a particular day. Some days you only have to go to work but on other days, you could either have a social engagement or some formal do that you have to attend. Planning ahead will take away the stress of getting ready.

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Allow for some changes: On some days, you will find that you will need to add in an extra top or some accessory for a change in your schedule or even for weather conditions. In fact, it is best to have one outfit on standby for most occasions during a week so that you can simply pick that up and wear it when needed. In case this outfit is not needed during the week, then it will come in handy the next.

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Learn to improvise: Just because you have planned on what to wear for the whole week, does not mean that you cannot change things around. A nice simple skirt worn with a formal shirt to work will work pretty well for a date with the addition of a sexy camisole top for an outing. Likewise, changing earrings and your hairstyle along with your formal work outfit can also work for a date. The first step of evaluating your wardrobe will give you many ideas about the improvisations that you can come up with.