40 Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes

40 Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Are you in a long distance relationship? Then our sympathies are with you; long distance relationships are difficult to be in basically because of the time you need to spend missing each other. But then some relationships have to go through the grind and pain of being this way before the two of you can be together forever. A long distance relationship can be like a test to see how strong your feelings are for each other. To pass this test, you need to be well armed and having some sad love quotes from the heart can help you tell him how much you miss him.

You can also use short romantic love quotes to bedazzle the love of your life and let him know that he matters, a lot. In any case cute couple quotes for him and when you learn how to say it poetically, can help him think of you more often.

Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Here Are Some Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes:

couple 2

Our long distance relationship makes me long for no distance at all.

The day I don’t think of you is the day the sun will not rise and the moon will not set.

If only the distance between us will just melt away with every blink that I blink to keep the tears away.

couple 3

The distance between us cannot be measured by the miles but by the smiles that I miss getting from you.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that your heart beats somewhere on this very planet where I exist in all loneliness, waiting for you.

It is plain for all to see that only half of me exists here and will only come alive when you are here to complete me.

couple 4

The chain of love needs you to hold it together and without the clasp of your love, all the links are coming loose.

What makes me happy at some point of time in the day is knowing that you too must be thinking of me and longing for me like I do too.

Let us look upon the moon at once and imagine that this is where our souls will meet and that is why there is the warmth of the moonlight on the world.

couple 5

Flowers lose their fragrance and books lose their meaning because you are not around to put life into my senses.

I long to be a scientist only to be able to come up with an invention that will be able to transport me to you whenever the mood strikes me.

If only I had known that you would be away for so long, I would have celebrated every moment of our relationship like a special occasion.

couple 7

There is no monument of love greater than my heart that beats only in the hope that we will be together soon, again.

If only I were a kite that could fly in the sky, if only I were like a river which could flow, the distances between us would be gone as sure as a force of nature.

The roots of our love are deep and our mutual longing so steep that we can never truly be apart unless death does the deed.

couple 8

The garden of our love flourishes on the water that comes from the tears that we let flow in our longing to be together.

An email or message from you feels like a hug or a kiss but definitely the real thing I do miss.

Only when you left did I know the meaning of the term “ a person who is only half alive”.

couple 9

Long live our love and long live romance but ah what I would do to have a chance to have a dance with you my love.

Counting the seconds till I be with you next is now what I do best.

If waiting for you makes me stronger my love, then there is no thing that is longer lasting than our love.

couple 10

Each moment that I spend away from you makes me realize that my heart beats to your music and my blood flows only for your sake.

I get up, I work, I walk, I eat, I sleep all with the unbearable longing throbbing through me that will only go away when we are together again.

I pity those who do not have a love like the one we have and envy those who have the time together that we do not have now.

couple 11

The next time we meet I shall hold you in arms for a long time and make sure that I mentally record every element of our time for letter remembrance.

Music loses its beat, fire loses its heat and I really don’t want to eat because you are not around to make everything whole and complete.

I press every memory of our time together in my mind as one would press a flower in a book because this way I can take it out and look at it when I feel like it.

couple 14

I am lonely and I am sad, without you I feel so bad.

The world I live in seems black and white, I am waiting for you to come here and make it full of color.

When I look at the mirror I see you, when I look at the flower, I see your beauty but I know I have to be here and do my duty.

couple 15

Our life is a flame so steady that even if our candle was in hearty winds it would stay steady and true.

Playing music without you feels like a betrayal, every bit of life without you makes it seem such a trial.

You only love like this once and that is because when you part it makes you incomplete and lonesome.

couple 16

Part is a word I hate, farewell is a term that I loathe and distance is a word that I hope I never come upon even by chance.

My life is like a book without words, you need to come here and ensure that our stories together continue.

Our love is world class and I only hope that our time apart will soon pass.

couple 17

Each and every couple that I look at reminds me that you are away and if you were here everything would be simple.

The color of love is red and the color of parting is filled with dread.

I will only be happy if darling you make your return quick and snappy.

Missing makes you realize that life with you was sweet, sassy and so put of spice.


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