Waistcoat For Men- Learn How To Make The Most Of This Look

Waistcoat For Men- Learn How To Make The Most Of This Look

It is often the lament of men who are into fashion, that there are not enough options out there for them. While it is true that men’s fashion is not given that much importance as women’s fashions, we cannot say that it has been completely ignored. In fact, men indulging in their love for sartorial elegance has been on the upswing. That is why there are haircuts for men to look sexy and why alone haircuts, fashions for men also covers other aspects. Take for instance, the hottest men’s accessories and even dashing complete fashion ideas for men. However, no matter how much progress the world of fashion for men makes, the one thing that rules this world is the suit and by association the humble waistcoat.

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Having said that, you may have noticed that much is written about how to wear a suit, but not much is written about the waistcoat. Even though a waistcoat plays only a supporting role when a man wears a suit, it can be worn on its own too and this is something that not many of us know. In fact, today the waistcoat has evolved and is used for looking stylish as well as warm at the same time.

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Here Are Some Simple Pointers When It Comes To Right Way To Wear A Waistcoat:

Formal waistcoat: One of the rules to be remembered while wearing a waistcoat for a formal occasion is that it is a good idea to get the waistcoat done in the same color and if possible the same material as the trousers you are wearing. Of necessity, a waistcoat needs to be a garment that fits well and adheres close to the body or else it will spoil the lines of the suit jacket. Some men do like to experiment and use a different material to make up the waistcoat, but even in such cases, the way it blends with the rest of the suit is really important.

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Casual waistcoat: Since the waistcoat has evolved into many modern avatars, you will find that this garment is also used in casual wear. In such cases, you have the wherewithal to go crazy and experiment with different styles, colors and the materials used. In fact, even a leather waistcoat is not out of the question. It can add a certain amount of panache when you combine a casual pair of jeans with a nice waistcoat. Additionally, many men tend to use waistcoats to add an additional layer of warmth in the colder weather. This not only looks smart, but is also a smart move, since layering does increase the warmth of the outfit.

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Collars: In most cases, especially in the formal wear waistcoats, the neckline of the waistcoat tends to be a deeper one. Nevertheless, when it comes to ethnic outfits or the waistcoats that are worn casually, a collar can be added or you could even have a neckline that is closed instead of deeply cut. Many men go for waistcoats made in satin or velvet to add a dramatic touch to the outfit and take the style up a notch.

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Though we started this article with the intent that it should be all about men’s fashions and it is to a large extent, it would be remiss not to mention that even women wear waistcoats. When worn the right way, waistcoats can look dashing on women too.

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These are just some tips to get the waistcoat look right, we are sure that there other aspects that you will need to consider like the tie you wear and the other accessories that you add to your outfit.