25 Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

25 Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

A long distance relationship or a misunderstanding with your boyfriend or some other sad situation can leave you feeling bereft and lonely. This can make you feel, as it is the end of all good things and the beginning of bad things. At such times, having some worthy words to express what you feel can be really useful. Nevertheless, it is precisely at such times that you lack the words to come up with cute couple quotes for him and learn to say it poetically.

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You may have seen some friends of yours come up with ideas for short romantic love to quotes to bedazzle the love of your life. However, at times like these when you are going through a tough time and want to have sad love quotes for him from your heart, it may not be all that appropriate to seek the help of your friends. And the use of moving forward quotes about divorce, would seem a bit too extreme. However, you need not fear; we have some quotes that are simple yet effective that you can use for such situations.

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Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

When I think of the long distance relationship we have, I long for the distance to be over and the relationship to be closer.

I long for the feel of your arms around me the way the dessert longs for the kiss of rain in the hot summer days.

Every minute that you are away from you feels like a part of your life that has been wasted.

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You are the tree that provides me shade in the severe heat of the sun, you are fireplace that keeps me warm during the harsh winters and you are the umbrella that keeps the rain away from me.

I am sorry that we fought, if anything that life has me taught that without you I am fraught.

My love for you is like tumbling brook that babbles without a break but even the rocks on the way can make me stop from reaching you.

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I know that I said harsh words to you and if I had the means to wipe away the hurt from your eyes, I would feel that my life is complete.

Tears flow from my eyes and regrets leak from my heart, when we think about the way we had to part.

If you can imagine the forest without the trees or the lack of salt in the seas, then it would make sense to imagine life without you having any joy or any peace.

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Have you seen a play without the hero? Never am I sure and that is why my life without you seems like a big fat zero!

A leopard may lose its dots; a zebra may lose its stripes only when I learn to live without you being part of our lives.

A friend like you I will never have, a lover like you I will always crave, I only wish I  were good and brave so that a life we could share.

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I long for your gaze and any looks that you throw my way leaves me in a daze and adds a layer of happiness and shiny glaze.

Like you cannot remove a scent from a flower apart, there is no way I will have a life where you do not have an important part.

The fight we had is like a cloud on the horizon; dark and damp but it too will soon leave and make our life a sunlight zone.

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The innocence of a baby’s smile, the love of a bird for flying and the way that waves ebb and flow on a regular basis is the way my love for you is – constant and definite.

Why wait for eternity to come for us to be together, when every moment away feels like a lifetime? You take a step towards me and I will take a step towards you to meet and stay together.

I love the color purple if not for any reason but because it rhymes with the word couple.

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When life seems dull, boring, black and white, your entry makes it colorful, warm and bright.

May the distance between us dwindle away, may the misunderstandings between us melt away and our love keep multiplying like the sands of time.

If there were a way for me to hold you in my heart for all eternity, then I would do so even if it means giving up all my dignity.

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Just as the sun rises every day, it also doubles my love for you in many a way.

If a flower can blossom at the kiss of the sun, my love and beauty can blossom at the mere hiss of your voice.

My life is complete only when you are there and I don’t know how long I can live half a life with the relationship in a tear.

Clothes can be torn, paper can become worn with the passage of time but our relationship can only grow stronger and even more sublime.