Fashion Colours Autumn/Winter 2014 -2015

February 9th, 2015

Fashion Colours Autumn/Winter 2014 -2015

When it comes to fashion and related trends, we know that colors rule. After all, one cannot imagine fashion and clothing without colors in them. Having said that, we are sure many of you love those looks created with only just white and black in them but that only works as there are many others around you wearing colors and providing you with the frame for the non-colors that you are wearing. There is so much focus in fashion on beautiful bold color fashion looks that work well when you know how to carry it off.

winter dress 2

winter dress 1

What is more, we know that color is affected by moods and vice versa and that is, why you have moods, colors and fashions to go with them. Of course, there are also some who want to stand out in the crowd and do so with neon color fashions and you can learn how to rock them and enjoy wearing such colors, once you get the hang of it.

However, Fashion Always Has Some Colors For Each Season And Here Are Some That Are Going To Be Hot In The Autumn And Winter Of 2014-2015:

ivory colored dress 1

ivory colored dress 2

Ivory: Barely there but nevertheless a color to be reckoned with in the world of fashion, this color is even picked sometimes by brides for their wedding gown.

misted yellow dress 2

misted yellow dress 3

Misted yellow: This is a warm albeit mild shade that anyone who wants to use a twist of shade on basic brown can do so with this mild shade of yellow.

pinkish colored dress 1

pinkish colored dress 2

Nude: While nude sounds like a non-color, it is not as it represents the pinkish or rosy shade of color that fairer people tend to have.

peach colored dress 1

peach colored dress 3

Peachy nude: This shade of nude coloring represents the warmer coloring of complexion that some people seem to have.

dusty rose colored dress 1

dusty rose colored dress 2

Dusty rose: This is a shade that was really popular in the past and is a shade that works well with all kinds of hair coloring without seeming too jarring.

canation pink dress 1

carnation pink dress 2

Carnation: This is a shade of pink that is bright in a very quiet way. The one thing that we should not do is consider this shade too mild and should learn to wear it well.

lilac colored dress 1

lilac colored dress 2

Lilac: A pastel shade of purple that was popular in the seventies and making a big comeback this year. This is a nice floral shade that can be worn for formal and casual occasions.

lavendar dress 2

lavendar dress 3

Lavender: Lavender is a shade that can be described as a bit of very light blue added to it, which makes it a very mild shade of violet.

ice blue colored dress 1

ice blue colores dress 4

Ice blue: This is a color that is very much suited to those of blond and cool looking coloring. It adds an elegance and charm to their fairness and golden hair.

camel colored dress 1

camel colored dress 6

Camel: This is often a shade that women wear when they want to dress for office but do not want to go for extreme colors like black or navy blue.

taupe colored dress 5

taupe colored dress 8

Taupe: One could almost describe taupe as a shade when beige meets brown to make a nice albeit slightly neutral looking shade.

grey colored dress 1

grey colored dress 2

Grey: Grey may seem like a shade that is not too attractive but when worn by the right person in the form of the right outfit, can look really charming.

The fact is when it comes to fashion and colors, the possibilities are infinite but if you ask a man about the many shades of colors, they will probably look bewildered.  But when it comes to color and fashions, women are better tuned to the nuances of various colors, mixes and shades that come out of them. The thing is the above list is just a list of possible shades but if you feel that you can go beyond them when it comes to your wardrobe, then you should.