Velvet Dresses – Know More And Get It Right Every Time!

Velvet Dresses – Know More And Get It Right Every Time!

While velvet is acknowledged as a rich fabric that can make things look and feel intensely sensual, many people are scared to don it. This is because when done badly, velvet can look really cheap and many people do not really know the guidelines for how to wear velvet. First of all let us see what is velvet actually – it is a woven fabric that has tufts that are cut evenly. Velvet has a pile that is short, soft and dense and can be made from natural or synthetic fibers. Sometimes when you are going out on a date and need special ideas to dress up for it, velvet may come to mind. However, many women stave the thought away as they feel that velvet may not look good on them and may only in gorgeous celebrity wedding dresses and not on others.

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However, when you consider some different aspects of dressing like dressing in contrasts and some notes on it, then you realize that there is more to velvet than rich look and feel. In fact, it has the power to transform the entire look. Now that we are getting you interested in how to use velvet to the best advantage, we will leave you with some food for thought on this.

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Here Are Some Ways You Can Make Velvet Work For You:

Go with a small bit: If you are not too sure how well you can carry off velvet or feel diffident about it, then the best way to start wearing it is by going small. You can make a band of velvet or add a collar of velvet added to your dress. This way you have taken the first step without going overboard.

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Add warmth and color: Another safe way to wear velvet is by wearing a velvet jacket. It will keep you warm and also create a rich look that cannot be ignored. What is more velvet has the tendency to cling on the lines of your body and you can make this work to your advantage by wearing a velvet jacket that is cut cleverly. What is more, the richness of the fabric will endow a party wear kind of look even over the simplest of outfits.

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If not confident, avoid the velvet pant: Pants made out of velvet are not generally advisable for most women due to their tendency to cling to the body. If you feel that your body would be enhanced in the wrong manner by wearing pants made out of velvet it is best avoided.

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Keep the rest simple while wearing velvet: Velvet by its very nature is rich and also looks its best when worn in jewel like tones. Which means wearing a velvet evening gown with the right cut will put you right up there with royalty. The thing to avoid while wearing such clothes is to go overboard on the jewelry. Instead of a fussy piece something simple would work better and showcase the richness of the gown well.

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Crushed velvet: While some people have the natural style and confidence to don crushed velvet and rock the look not all people can do it. That is why if you are the kind who is just starting to wear velvet, then it is better you stay off from things like crushed velvet.

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While we can all agree that wearing velvet adds to the richness and elegance of the person wearing it, it is also equally important to keep things balanced. Do consider the points we have given above before wearing a dress or outfit made of velvet.