Learn More About Peasant Skirts And How To Wear Them!

December 5th, 2014

Learn More About Peasant Skirts And How To Wear Them!

When the weather is hot outside, and you are spending a day that requires casual dressing, then the choices become a bit narrow. Though jeans are the go-to garment when it comes to casual wear, they may not be that great a choice when the weather is hot and humid. In such cases, one of the best garment to go for is a skirt. We all know that skirts come in all avatars being of different materials, varied lengths and made up of many different materials. There are reasons why wraparounds are such a good choice, but they may not be the easiest to manage with a lot of modesty for many women.

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While a mini skirt is an amazing outfit to wear, it may not be body appropriate or age appropriate for many girls and women. Though we must say that it would feature in the list of beautiful skirts every teen should try. However, here we are going to be talking about peasant skirts that should be among the must have skirts in your wardrobe.

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Here are some things that you should know about peasant skirts, so that you can wear them with style and comfort:

Peasant skirts: Peasant skirts are those skirts that have a lot of gathering or pleats on them and are pretty long in length. It is also possible that the pleats could be of several levels instead of just one. These pleats could be of the same material or print or of two or three materials.

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Tops to be worn with peasant skirts: When you want to wear a peasant skirt, the thing to remember is that the skirt is a bit roomy in the bottom so you will need to ensure that you look shapely by wearing a top that is not too loose. Tank tops or a fitted T-shirt would be a good way to go with. Girls or women who are a bit top heavy or feel that wearing a strapless or skimpy top makes them conscious, can always go for a nice cotton top that is draped to make you look shapely.

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Waist is important: The thing about peasant skirts is that they will make you look wider or narrower depending on the kind of waistband or fitting at the waist that you go for. If you are a lass who is blessed with narrow hips, you can go for a peasant skirt that has gatherings right at the waist band. If you are the kind of a girl who is generously shaped, then the skirt can have a wider waistband and the gatherings have to be at a lower level.

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Prints are vital too:The thing is that when you wear a peasant skirt, which is not like other fitted skirts, and then you need to think about the material and the prints that you are wearing them in too. If you want to take the emphasis away from the top half of the body, then wearing a darker plain top that is well fitted and a peasant skirt that has a larger floral print will do the trick. To make the lower half look a little narrower than it is you can go for the reverse combination – that is a printed top and a darker peasant skirt that is plain.

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As you can see wearing a peasant skirt, does not mean that your body has to look unattractive, all you need to do is choose the combinations with care. Go with prints and materials in combinations for the skirt as well as the top to ensure that you get the ensemble right.


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