Important Tips For Face, Lip And Eye Makeup Step By Step

Important Tips For Face, Lip And Eye Makeup Step By Step

Makeup is something that not only makes your best features appear better and camouflage any defects, but in many places is also a means to protect your skin from the ravages of nature. The key is to know the mistakes to avoid while applying makeup. What is more, one needs to be familiar with all aspects of makeup like applying makeup with glitter and the dos and don’ts. You also have to consider things like the shade of your skin. Like there are different ways to apply makeup depending on the shade your skin is.

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The normal rule is to go by the color and tone of your skin; if you have darker skin, then you would benefit from having makeup ideas and tips for darker shades of skin. So if you are wondering how to go about applying makeup to the best advantage, then you need not wonder anymore. We give here, some tips to set you on the right path.

However, before you do that, do make it a point to find out what type of skin you have so. However, before you do that, do make it a point to find out what type of skin you have so that you know what products that will suit you.

The Hints For A Makeover Given Here Are Based On The Assumption That You Know The Type Of Skin You Have:


Moisturizer: Start with a cleansing and then moisturizer base before you go any further with the makeup. This will act as foundation for the makeup and nourish your skin too.

Applying concealer under eyes.

Concealer: Though most of us would love to have it, most women do not have skin without flaws. That is where concealer steps in and ensures that your blemishes are covered to provide an even tone to the skin.


Foundation: After selecting the right foundation for your skin; one for the day wear and one for evenings, learn how to blend the foundation well. Watch and learn from tutorials. You can either use fingers or sponge to do this. Do not ignore the eyelids and the neck area while applying makeup.


Powder: This is something that will help the concealer and foundation set in the proper way. But do ensure that your application of powder is done with a light hand. It is good hint to have a compact in your purse to do a touch up when required.


Blusher: This is the product that will give you that lovely flush but only when you pick the one that goes with the color and tone of your skin. While powder blush is easy to apply, it may be difficult to blend and cream blushes though a bit more difficult to apply are easy to blend. So make your choice as per your convenience.


Lipstick: This is one element of makeup that will define your look so do ensure that you pick out the lipstick that goes not only with your skin and looks but also as befits the occasion. For a longer lasting lipstick, start with lip liner and fill in the lipstick. Set with loose powder before applying a second layer for it to last a long time.

Eyes and Eyebrows: Though this part of makeup is vital, it is also easy to go wrong here. Shape the eyebrows well to provide a frame for your eyes. Then give shape to them with a pencil and ensure that it is a softer color to ensure that it does not look too stark.


Eye shadow: The shade that you pick out will make you look really glamorous or innocent. So choose with care. You can use this to contour the eyes by experimenting with shapes and textures. Light colors work for highlighting and dark colors for receding.

mascara and eye liner

Mascara and eyeliner: These bring out the eye lashes and eyes respectively. Use an eyelash curler to make the lashes look really luscious.

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The last touch: Once you are done with the makeup, do a once over to ensure that everything has come together in the right way. If needed, do some touch up.