10 Different Ways To Braid Your Hair – Find More Variety

10 Different Ways To Braid Your Hair – Find More Variety

We know that the idea of braiding your hair is not the most alluring of ideas but when you see how it can convert any bad hair day into something that is spectacular and pretty then you will change your mind. No doubt, you may think that braiding hair is something that will work when you are going to the gym but with the methods listed out here, you can come up with amazing braided hair updos for long hair that will work even for parties. What is more, if you think that braiding is something that is restricted to long hair, then you would be mistaken. You can find many braided hairstyles for short hair to try out easily enough.

Furthermore having cute fishtailed hairstyles for long and short hair will come in handy when you are wearing outfits like jeans as well as skirts. Here are as many as ten different ways to braid your hair:

Different Ways To Braid Your Hair

french braid

The French braid: This is simple enough to wear with three divisions of hair and can be done as one long and thick plait or as two pigtails. This is simple enough to do with the three strands of hair being crossed one over the other turn by turn.

four strand braid

The braid with four strands: Instead of the three strands that you would divide your hair into, you divide into four parts. This braid comes out looking more complicated than it is and gives the impression that you have gone to great lengths to get this done.

fishtail braid

Braiding it fishtail style: This is again one more style of braiding that looks complex but is easy to create. All you need to do is divide the hair into two sets and then crisscross bits of hair from one side to another. The best part of this style is you can go for a messy or a sleek style.

loose french braid

The loose French braid: This is one that is the same as the French braid but done looser to create a softer effect. This looks great with longer hair and the way the strands of hair frames your face can add a lot of charm to your face.

lace braid

The lace style braid: In this style, the braid is done on one side of the head. This can also be worn as a headband. This braiding style combines the charm of loose hair and the neat look that comes from braiding hair.

rope braid

Rope style braid: The best way to do this braid is by simply twisting parts of hair around to form a very casual hair style. The style as the name suggests ends up looking like a rope. This braid is also a great way to create a bun or knot.

ladder brraid

Ladder style of braid: This braid actually looks as if the hair has formed a ladder across the head and keeps things neat.  You will need a particular level of skill to master and create. It takes the lace style of braiding and makes it more complex.

dutch braid

The Dutch way to braid: This is simply the French way of braiding but done in the reverse fashion, which means that the braid is done with the strands being moved from underneath than from above. Doing this simple step will make the braid stand out and create a unique look.

waterfall braid

Waterfall style braid: This is one of the styles that is slightly difficult to do but once mastered, you will find that it is easy enough. It looks as if the braids are cascading into bunches of hair and that is why the name Waterfall.

five strand braid

The five strand braid: This is done by parting the hair into five parts and needs two people to do it. However, the effect that looks as if two plaits are conjoined is a very good effect when you want a hairstyle to impress others.