Can Footwear Be Pretty And Comfortable At The Same Time?

Can Footwear Be Pretty And Comfortable At The Same Time?

Girls and women make a lot of sacrifices, go through a lot of discomfort and pain for the sake of fashion. This takes on the form of depriving themselves of favorite foods, wearing clothing and accessories that are not all that comfortable, among numerous other things. One of the accessories that can make things painful for girls is shoes. Women go to all sorts of efforts, save and scrimp so that they can get at least one pair of shoes from the top luxury shoe brands for women.

But here the question is whether you need to wear uncomfortable shoes just in a bid to look good? Or is it that all comfortable shoes have to be ugly or at least plain to look at? Actually when you consider the many top summer outfit ideas for this year, you will realize that shoe or footwear can be comfortable and good looking at the same time.

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Moreover if you feel that simple and comfortable footwear is boring to look at, then you can always look at rhinestones and how they add glitz and glamour to your wardrobe.

Here Are Some Radical And Awesome Ideas That Will Ensure That Your Footwear Is Both Pretty And Comfortable At The Same Time:

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Wear kitten heels:  When compared to the extreme heels like stilettos, kitten heels are somewhat of a compromise in that they balance the look versus the comfort. These heels are pretty reasonable to wear and carry off with comfort but they also look immensely pretty. In case you are dressing up for an occasion where you feel heels need to be worn but feel that full on stilettos will make your feet ache, the kitten heels can definitely save the day.

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Wear sandals with cute embellishments: Sandals are open footwear that come with straps to hold them on the feet. What is more, as a norm you will find that sandals do not have the kind of killer heels that make your feet ache? Having said that, there are ways to make the sandals look cute. You can buy sandals that have flowers, glitters and rhinestones on them to add a glamour to this footwear. You will find that you can be on your feet for longer without them aching when you wear sandals for a longer period of time.

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Think neon footwear: Another way to glam up your comfortable footwear is by going for bright colors. Choosing fluorescent colors can make your feet pop and this will up the glamour quotient without the need for heels. This is another way you can make the shoes look good without them getting uncomfortable. Do make sure that when you are wearing a neon colored footwear, that your feet are well groomed because such footwear does tend to get a second glance.

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Make flat boots rock with the right fit: Boots that are flat can be made to look glamourous by ensuring that they fit the right way around your ankles and feet. You can even buy boots of longer length while still making sure that the heels are still flat. In addition, choosing boots made of softer and supple leather will ensure that the boots are immensely comfortable when worn for a longer time.

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Go for wedge heels: Platform heels or wedge heels tend to be more comfortable when compared to its more glamourous cousin, the stiletto. You can go for these when you feel that your outfit warrants wearing a pair of heels as these tend to be more comfortable. Ensure that you know how to walk in them without twisting your ankles so as to not spoil the effect.