Should Women Who Are Over 40 Years Have Long Hairstyles?

Should Women Who Are Over 40 Years Have Long Hairstyles?

When it comes to hairstyles there are so many that making a choice can be really tough. Just when you think that you that you know all there is to know about hairstyles you come across a new one. Take cute emo hairstyles – what exactly do they mean? Once you have done your due diligence on these you are likely to be tripped up by elegant side swept updos and hairstyles. We are sure that sometimes the most difficult thing about hairstyles is just deciding what one to go with especially when you come across twisted bun hairstyles and tutorials for you to choose from.

However, what we are going to look at is not hairstyles in general but if women over 40 should really wear their hair long. The norm dictates that women over 40s should not have long hair, but do the ladies know that?

Here Goes A Look At Some Over The Forties Lovelies And Their Hairstyles:

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez: This lass is over 40 and shockingly her hair is long! Does this lady know that long hair is for the younger ladies and it is supposed to be a sign of youth? Never mind that she looks awesome and nowhere near her age.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston: Here is one more example of a lady in her 40s not looking her age and flaunting her long locks. Does she know about this “no long hair in your forties” rule? If she does, why is she flaunting it?

mary louise parker

Mary-Louise Parker: This lady is not only in her 40s but she is in her late forties and she too has the nerve to flaunt her brunette locks long. She does gather a lot of attention, which is not surprising since she does have a hot body and a lot of poise to go with it, not to mention her long locks.

salma hayek

Salma Hayek: This woman almost glows from within with her beauty. One cannot help looking at her for a long time. Again, she too is in her mid-forties but still has long hair. No matter that, she is hot and beautiful even today.

angela bassett

Angela Bassett: At 53 there is no stopping this woman from looking as gorgeous as ever. Imagine having long hair and looking so good at 53 no less!

michelle pfeffier

Michelle Pfeiffer: Gorgeous and lovely Michelle too flaunts her locks and does not even look close to her age, which is 52. It is almost as if these women have managed to stop the aging process.

mary steenburgen

Mary Steenburgen: Lovely, courteous and poised, this lady too at 58 does not know better than to not flaunt her lovely locks. Of course, it could be because she does have gorgeous hair that looks great.

.christie brinkley

Christie Brinkley: This woman not only flaunts her blonde tresses even today, which have been her signature for such a long time but she seems to have frozen her looks. So much so that she looks as she did in her 30s.


Iman: She not only seems to have stopped aging but she is actually looking younger than before. Iman too seems to be flaunting her locks in your face, in spite of the 40s rule of no long hair.

Liz Hurley Estee Lauder Launch

Elizabeth Hurley: Another gorgeous lass of ripe age who does not know better than to have long hair at her age.

Okay, now that we have seen all those lovely ladies in their forties and fifties looking gorgeous while flaunting their long and lovely hair, we have to revise this rule. The rule for not having longer hair in your forties is only applicable to those have hair that is thin, scraggly and unstyled. However, maybe that rule should apply to all those who have poor quality hair, right?


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