Rules To Follow To Wear Suits The Right Way

Rules To Follow To Wear Suits The Right Way

Men love their suits and this is something that they will love to wear no matter what. In fact, to paraphrase a famous and beloved television character “suits before everything else” should be among the hottest men’s accessories. One of the things that men will agree upon when it comes to the top fashion trends for men in the year 2014, would be that the suit is a classic and it will remain that way no matter what.

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Wearing a suit the right way has been a trend that has stood the test of time and has become a mainstay. When you look at men’s street style outfits for cool guys, even in this casual a style, you will see some suit based elements in them.

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So Let Us Cut To The Chase And Look At The Rules That Men Have To Follow To Wear A Suit The Right Way:

Tie it with the lapel: The thing is if you are finding it difficult to determine what the width of the tie should be, then it is simple – the width of the tie should not be more than the lapels.

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It is all about lapels: A suit with narrower lapels is considered more modern and ones with wider lapels are considered old school. So depending on the aura that you want to project, decide on the width of the lapel.

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Pocket that square: One thing that you can use to jazz up the style of the suit is by inserting a pocket square and that too one that does not match with the tie. Suits are conservative but with this small pocket square you have the wherewithal to play things up.

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Shoulders to fit: If you are buying a suit readymade, then the main thing that you should check for in terms of fit is the shoulders. This is the most important part of a suit that fits well.

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No gaps please: For a suit to look good, then there should be no collar gap between the shirt and the suit jacket you wear. Having a gap makes the suit look clumsy. Do look at this point when you are considering the fit of the suit.

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Black is out: Unless you are on the way to a funeral, a charcoal grey suit always looks better than a stark black one.  Remember that the next time you go suit shopping and make your purchase accordingly. Plus, a  charcoal grey suit will match many shirt colors too.

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Thin and match: The rule to make a suit work and work well is to ensure that you are wearing a belt that is narrow. Also, ensure that the color of your belt matches that of your shoes.

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Match the shoes: It is important that you also match your shoes with that of the color of your suit too, to get that classy look. Therefore, sneakers are definitely out.

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Double vent it is: One of the things that makes a suit comfortable and with the times is the use of double vents at the  back. Plus, you can pull of the hands in pocket look easily.

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A casual suit: To go for a more trendy and lighter look, try the peak lapel jacket with the single button in the middle.

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Now that you know the rules to be followed to wear that suit perfectly, go ahead and always look your suave best no matter what the occasion. What is more, women seem to adore a man who can wear his suit well and carry it off with a certain style.