The Many Uses For Vaseline That You Were Not Aware Of

The Many Uses For Vaseline That You Were Not Aware Of

Does a girl ever feel that she knows all that there is to know in terms of makeup and other related things? Never! This would be the answer that most girls would give. There are many tips out there like the best makeup tips for blue eyes and how the day makeup look differs from the night makeup look, but did you know that the mostly ignored jar of Vaseline can also come in handy?


Vaseline? You ask, what can it do? Well you may think that the main thing that you can use Vaseline for would be to apply on your lips to condition them. Maybe start using when you want your lipstick to last longer so that your lips are soft and supple, especially in the winter.

You know, a typical container of Vaseline which is essentially petroleum jelly will tell you that you can use this on small scrapes or cuts. But the fact is the uses of Vaseline would cover a huge manual. It is not only useful for things around the home, but also for makeup as we mentioned earlier.

Here are some uses for this humble product we call Vaseline:

vaseline to eyelashes

Apply Vaseline to eyelashes before bedtime to make them grow longer and thicker.

Make your ankles look softer and supple by applying Vaseline and covering it with socks while you sleep.

vaseline to elbows

Soften your elbows with Vaseline.

Apply on cuticles to soften and leave them on for an hour before you remove them.

It is very good for use as a chap stick and is in fact even better as it does not have chemical additives.

vaseline to lips

Make your matte lipstick look shiny and slick with the application of one layer of Vaseline.

Make an awesome colored lip balm with Vaseline mixed with some flavor of Kool-air powder and even your kids will like using it.

Mix Vaseline with chocolate chips to make a chocolate lip balm.

Make your perfume last longer by applying Vaseline to the areas where you are going to spray perfume .

Use petroleum jelly in the form of a moisturizer.

vaseline to nails

Prevent the drying of the skin around the nails when you have the habit of biting them by applying Vaseline.

Vaseline makes a great exfoliator when mixed with sea salt or sugar.

vaseline feet

Treat feet blisters with application of Vaseline.

Match the color of eye shadow with lipstick by making a paste out of Vaseline and powder eye shadow.

vaseline backaches

Warm and apply Vaseline for relief from backaches

Apply cold Vaseline to bring relief from fever

Soothe razor burn with Vaseline

Make dull skin glow with Vaseline

Remove tight rings with the help of Vaseline

Apply Vaseline on rashes to cool them.

vaseline tattoos

Waterproof your tattoo with Vaseline while taking a shower

Prevent your exposed skin from drying during a flight with the help of Vaseline.

vaseline hair

Put away split ends in hair and make it shine with a light application of petroleum jelly

Apply Vaseline on the pole of your birdseed feeder to ensure that squirrels cannot get to


Apply to the cracked paw pads of your pets.

dry nose

Get relief from dry nose

If you are allergic by applying petroleum jelly around and lightly inside the nostrils to prevent pollen from entering.


Shine leather with this.

You can remove candle wax by applying Vaseline around the edges and leaving it for a while. It will slide right off when you clean it with a cloth.

vaseline door hinges

Oil squeaky door hinges with petroleum jelly

Use it to lubricate your car parts.

Use it to seal small leaks in pipes

Apply Vaseline before applying foundation to close bigger pores and keeping the foundation light.