Want To Know About Different Types Of Mustaches? Read To Know More

Want To Know About Different Types Of Mustaches? Read To Know More

Facial hair on men has been a subject for arguments over the ages. The fact is when done right a mustache can look very attractive on a man. On the other hand, it is pretty important for men to ensure that if they sport a mustache, they are aware of the top fashion trends for men in the current year and base their style in conjunction with this. What is more facial hair styling only looks good when a man goes through the pain of keeping things well groomed. That is why there are so many cool examples of men’s short hair styles as these need relatively less styling.

Learn about all the different types of mustaches that you can sport and you will find that these can indeed become the hottest men’s accessories.

Know About Different Types Of Mustaches

To Get Things Going In The Right Direction With Regard To The Different Type Of Mustaches, We Give Below The Main Styles Of Mustaches:

handlebar mustache

handlebar mustache 2

handlebar mustache 3

Handlebar mustache: This style is a classic and can be seen more often in the men of the Mediterranean region. This style of mustache is bushy on the whole but is made to look like a handle bar with the edges being thinned on the side and waxed to curve up wards. You will need to do some amount of work to ensure that the mustache stays the way it is supposed to be and once you do that, you will add to the charm of your looks.

fu manchu mustache 1

fu manchu mustache 2

fu manchu mustache 3

Fu Manchu mustaches: This mustache is best suited to those men who have a sparser growth in terms of facial hair. The mustache is thin and long and should be allowed to hang till below the level of the chin. A long goatee to complete the look also accompanies this style. Though not for everyone, it adds panache to the person sporting it when he carries it off with confidence.

horseshoe mustache 1

horseshoe mustache 2

horseshoe mustache 3

Horseshoe mustache: This often gets confused with the handlebar, as they are pretty similar. However, the difference comes in the edges of the mustache, which instead of being curved up, is left to trail on the sides of the mouth. A man sporting this style has to be really alert to keep this mustache looking neat.

pencil mustache 1

pencil mustache 2

pencil mustache 3

Pencil mustache: This very subtle and sharp looking mustache adds class to the person sporting it. As the name suggests, the mustache almost looks as if it has been drawn by a pencil. To maintain this sharp looking mustache, you will need to concentrate on trimming the mustache on top of the lips and just below the nose.

toothbrush mustache 2

toothbrush mustache 3

toothbrush mustache 5

Toothbrush mustache: Known more widely as the Charlie Chaplin mustache this is a very thick but narrow mustache that is just below the nose. When you look closely at this style of mustache, you will see that it looks like the brush part of the toothbrush. This style is again making a comeback.

walrus mustache 1

walrus mustache 2

walrus mustache 3

Walrus mustache:  Have you ever seen a walrus? Then you know what a walrus mustache looks like. It is thick, bushy, and pretty easy to maintain. The only caution is good cleaning and grooming so that the mustache does not become dirty and untidy to look at.

natural mustache 1

natural mustache 2

natural mustache 3

Natural mustache: This mustache simply falls into place as per the growth of the facial hair. All the man needs to do is keep the mustache well-trimmed to prevent it from becoming out of control. The reason why many men blessed with good facial hair go for this style of mustache is that it does not need much in term of styling etc.

imperial mustache 1

imperial mustache 3

imperial mustache 4

Imperial: This is the king of all mustaches and becomes even more weighty and significant due to the historical importance attached to them. This mustache naturally expands from the mustache to beard in one sweeping movement, the chin is however shaved clean to go with this mustache.