Spotting A Fake Rolex – Deciphered

Spotting A Fake Rolex – Deciphered

When it comes to fashion, it is not only the clothes that matter (though they do matter) but also other accessories too. Like for instance you should learn to wear your jewelry right so that you look good overall. For men, a watch would play a big role and would count among the hottest men’s accessories. Today, there is no dearth of stunning watch designs to keep you up with the times. However, one of the watches that people long to own , wear and flaunt is a genuine Rolex.

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Today in the market, you will see that fake Rolex watches that are surprisingly like the original are becoming more and more prevalent. This has been confirmed by an expert jeweler from an appraisal company and they confirm that the simple eye test will definitely not tell you whether it is a fake or not.

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Here Are The Basic Clues To Spot A Fake Rolex:

The logo that says made in China

Weight that is off

Paint peeling off

Spelt wrongly

Back could be clear.

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The funny things is that while it is important that jewelers and others involved in appraising should get access to the fakes so that they can examine it and they will only when someone is suspicious of what they have purchased. But the thing is that the whole fake Rolex operation has become so advanced and widespread that many people wear a fake Rolex without realizing what it is. One of the ways to identify whether what you have is a fake is by opening the case. An expert would be able to identify a fake watch in most cases but not all, by looking at the movement.

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The worst part is even experts can be fooled once in a while as duplicates also have serial numbers and holograms that are like the original. What is more, forgeries even tend to use the same type of material.

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The Simple Way To Keep Away From The Replicas That Are Of Low Quality:

The most obvious thing would be to buy these watches from a genuine dealer and not from anyone else unless you have an expert to help you through the process. One of the best things for a person to check on the Rolex’s authenticity is to take it an appraiser who is certified. If you are the type to want to do things by yourself, then you need to invest in a magnifying glass and learn the tricks that will tell you whether the Rolex is fake or real. But please note that if you open up the watch on your own, then you are likely to make the warranty void.

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Here Are Pints To Check Out For The Authenticity Of The Rolex Watch:

Most Rolex would have a clear case back

No engraving on the real Rolex watches

The Rolex crown logo on the back from 2002 models onwards makes it real

The crystal in real Rolex watches will be magnified up to 2.5 times.

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Here Are Some More Points That You Will Have To Look For Minutely To Check Whether The Rolex Is Real Or Not:

Extra seal in the threads will be there in the real Rolex around the crown

Clear case back would not be there is real Rolex

A real Rolex would have a smoother case back.

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Some Reasons That You Should Not Purchase A Swiss Rolex That Is Not Genuine:

Most of the manufacturers of fake Rolex watches are the type to not even have a permanent address and this means you will have major trouble with after sales service.

Plus, when you have a genuine Rolex, it is a status symbol and the whole point of the exercise is lost when you are wearing a fake Rolex.

What is more, a Rolex is a symbol of fine workmanship and expertise and you will need the genuine article to enjoy this aspect too.