Learn About The Many Ways To Work That Shawl

Learn About The Many Ways To Work That Shawl

Do you really think a shawl is just a way to keep warm? If you think that way, then you are only partially right as the shawl while a means to keep you warm can also pack a style punch depending on the way you work it. That is the best part of women’s fashion as each bit of clothing and every accessory that we can be used as part of your style statement. The next time that you are thinking about winter fashion looks to make you look hot and sexy in the chilly weather, then do think of that simple winter clothing called the shawl and how you can make it work for you.

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What we mean is winter is a time to take special care not only of your clothing but also your health on the whole. That is to say while knowing all the important winter skin care tips and advice is vital, it is also important to dress nicely without compromising on the way you turn out. And when we are talking about the shawl as a fashion accessory then let us not forget that the shawl is not only means to keep warm and look stylish in winter but in a lighter and more airy avatar can also be part of cool summer outfits too!

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Here are some simple guidelines for you to wear that shawl:

Woolen and warm for winter: Okay, let us start with the basics which means if you are looking for a shawl to wear in the winter, then make sure it is woolen. When it comes to shawls that you can use for summer, then ensure that it is the lighter variety made of cotton threads and is more of the lacy kind.

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Match it well: Shawls come in many colors and when you pick out the right color to wear with the outfit you have on can be the first step in ensuring that you look good. You can actually pick out classic colors like black, red and brown to start with as these work with many outfits.

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Wrap and drape: While the prime purpose of the shawl is to keep you warm, this does not mean you can wrap any which way. Ensure that you drape it in such a way that it does not make you look like a parcel. Drape well but make sure that you do not spoil the silhouette of the dress you are wearing.

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Sling on the side: When you wear a shawl while stepping out of the home, it is all well to wrap it for warmth. But then when you are indoors then you can stylishly sling it on the side to ensure that it contrasts with the dress and looks good.

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Make it a veil: In the summer, a light shawl will be something that will cover your head and act as a veil when you are out in the sun. Plus the way a shawl frames your face can make it look great in the summer while protecting it from the heat of the sun as well.

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Pin it to win it: Another way to make the shawl part of your fashionable outfit is to pin it in the center with a nice brooch for maximum effect. This looks really good and it also ensures that you can use all those pins and brooches in the best possible way.

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Wear it poncho style: Another way that shawls can be worn is in the poncho style, which has many advantages like keeping you warm even as you keep moving around and looking very interesting as well.