Going On A Special Date? Here Are Some Special Ideas To Dress Up For It

Going On A Special Date? Here Are Some Special Ideas To Dress Up For It

Sometimes you know this date that you are going to go on is going to be special. It may be that special date where he is going to pop the question. Or maybe it is that special date where you feel you will be able to bring up the question about taking the relationship to the next level. People have all sorts of advice on this sort of thing and there are even articles which will guide you on what not to wear on a first date and other things on the same line.

man and woman on a  date

People also have a lot to talk all about getting your glowing bridal look right for the wedding but has anyone given you pointers to seem irresistible for that special date? Maybe you will find some hints about this, but here we are going to take you through the whole thing step by step. It is not about being as comfortable or as casual as some choices for what you should wear to the beach but all about being approachable, touchable and sensual.

Here Are Some Ways To Get Ready For A Special Date:


woman taking bath 2

Sleep, bathe and prepare: You look your best when you have had a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling fresh. Follow this up with a nice long hot bath with some fragrant salts so that your body is relaxed and you smell good all over. Things like shaving your legs, arms, armpits etc. are details that you should take care of a day earlier.

woman aplying lotion

woman drying hair

Prepare from the skin up: This means that you should start preparing your body and hair with a particular theme in terms of fragrance.  So pick a soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant and perfume that have the same kind of bouquet. This way you will be layering yourself with the same scent throughout. Ensure that your hair is washed and dried well in advance. Let the lotion be applied and absorbed into your skin and then only proceed with the rest of the dressing.

woman with low neck dress

woman with a pendant

woman with long earrings

Choose a dress that is lovely and flowing: While comfort and fit is important, the dress needs to be of the type that will highlight your body in the best possible way. This means if you are the kind who is top heavy with good legs then the dress should be low necked or off shoulder to make the most of your top half and it should be short enough to draw attention to the legs. If the bottom portion of your body is heavy then play up the top portion. Keep the jewelry simple but very impactful like a pendant on your collar bones. Wear long earrings that flirt with your cheeks and draw the eye to your neck.

woman applying make up

woman with light make up

Makeup needs to be natural: A sensual and approachable look can only be created when you have makeup that looks as if it is almost not there. Heavily applied makeup when done skillfully can look attractive but is known to make the woman look untouchable. However, when you have skilfully applied makeup that is done lightly it only enhances your good features and leaves you looking approachable.

woman with loose hair

Hair should be soft and loose: In most cases a loose and soft hairstyle that moves about lightly to the breeze and caresses your neck and cheeks will make your date want to reach out and touch it. Even if you want to go with a hairstyle that is upswept, do make sure that the whole effect is softened with a few tendrils arranged around your face.


After you have done all this, simply apply some perfume and watch the way your date looks at you and enjoy watching his struggling to keep his hands off you!