Paris Street Style: Learn To Look Stylish With Some Tips From Them

Paris Street Style: Learn To Look Stylish With Some Tips From Them

It has often been said that of all the women in the world, there is no beating the style and elegance of the Parisian women. They always look so well put together but without seeming to have gone to that much effort. It is totally different from the hippie style of clothing – awesome and cool but it still has a common thread running through it in that both the styles look great while still seeming really effortless.

The Paris street style has some elements of sexy pinup girl fashion styles like you can see from some of the pictures. The Paris street style also borrows from the sexy vintage dressing styles that you could try and pick elements from.

Here Are Some Ways Of Styling That You Can Try And That Comes From Paris Street Style Way Of Dressing:

Go fancy with feathers

Check out the checks

Paris Street Style (1)

Gorgeously green

Loose pants, tight look

Suited for work

Paris Street Style (2)

Red hot look you have got

Layered with cobalt

Paris Street Style (3)

Flared and fitted with leather

Go dotty with dots

Paris Street Style (4)

Moody dress with yummy boots

Jazz up the brown checks

Paris Street Style (5)

Heart up the prints

Lacy pumps with black ensemble

Paris Street Style (6)

Dusky sweater on a pair of jeans

Embellish it with feathers

Paris Street Style (7)

Hair down with a great look

Subtly mix up those prints


Paris Street Style (9)

Plain blazer with a printed dress

Black and white always right

Paris Street Style (10)

Printed dress to make you trip

Horizontal stripes to make it work

Paris Street Style (11)

White but not demure at all

Serious vest with a lacy skirt

Paris Street Style (12)

Go tribal with no rivals

Textures make it rock

Paris Street Style (13)

A statement hat makes it hot

See through top with dotted skirt

Paris Street Style (14)

Wearing all red drives away the dread

Pinky hues will make them drool

Paris Street Style (15)

Lace it up with a stripy top

Go fifties style with a belle dress

Paris Street Style (16)

Cool is prints in neon hues

A dramatic bow makes you glow

Paris Street Style (17)

Wavy hair with seventies flair

Chambray and stripes for the right vibes

Paris Street Style (18)

Short and sweet with leather and print

Yellow and orange make great bedfellows

Paris Street Style (19)

Go boho chic without a blink

A shirt dress creates no dress stress


Paris Street Style (21)

Brightly dressed sheds light

Button up to make the look work

Paris Street Style (22)

Floral dress with boyish shoes

Neon yellow makes people bellow

Paris Street Style (23)

Go classic and crisp

Mini skirted and well shirted

Paris Street Style (24)

Long dress with hat on tress

Cute skirt with interesting shoes

Paris Street Style (25)

All black never lacks

White and bright is always right

Paris Street Style (26)

Dress dull but makeup full

Wear jeans with a crop top

Paris Street Style (27)

A nice bag when you are off duty

Leather skirt with slouched sweater

Paris Street Style (28)

Go mad with mixed prints

Red, black and white is the right track

Paris Street Style (29)

Purple makes the dress rumble

A plain pastel with a printed jacket

Paris Street Style (30)

Fringe boots will get you hoots

Navy blue makes you groove

Paris Street Style (31)

Go printed pants with plain top

Make them go green with envy

Paris Street Style (32)

Soft, off shoulder with a radical fedora

Corset it up with long black dress

Paris Street Style (33)

Lace always has a place

Velvety texture anyone?

Animal print with leather

High waist not wasted

These are just some ideas that have been picked from Paris street styles. As you can see most of them have gone with their looks and what they feel best represents their style. There are no rules except to make your look rock and this is something that will come when you are happy with the way you look. You need to then pick out clothing and accessories that make you smile every time you wear it. Make each time you step out of the home a fashion statement of your own.