Naeem Khan Collection: Some Lessons On Celebrating The Female Silhouette

Naeem Khan Collection: Some Lessons On Celebrating The Female Silhouette

There are some designers who seem to possess a keen insight about the female form even they are of the opposite gender. You can definitely include Naeem Khan in this lot as he seems to have an unerring way of thinking that adds to the already beautiful and elegant female form. You may compare Naeem Khan to Dhruv Singh and the magical touch he brings to clothing but this feeling goes away when you actually look at their styles which are very different from the other albeit equally beautiful.

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There is a flowing and elegant look to the kind of fabrics that Naeem Khan uses which by itself celebrates femininity. He tends to lean towards a kind of design that is called a self-design which adds to the look and texture to the fabric used. When it comes to the use of rich fabrics, then it would be remiss not to mention the creations of Sabyasachi which are a celebration of femininity.

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The thing about the Naeem Khan collection that makes him different from designers like Sabyasachi and Dhruv Singh is that though he uses brocade like fabrics in his creation, they tend to be of western styles unlike the other two who create Indian style of clothing. Something in his style brings about memories of fashion in the 50s which are golden days of style and clothing when it comes to their homage to their quintessential femininity.

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His increasing popularity with the stars and the “beautiful people” can also be attributed to the fact that his collection showcases a wider range of outfits. These include not only the glamorous cocktail dresses and trumpet gowns but also pants, skirts, evening coats. All this with his special touch of using rich fabrics that have jewel trims, applique work that taken on floral motifs, embroidery that has golden filigree, hems featuring rich ostrich feathers and also miuki beads.

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Naeem Khan is from Ujjain that is a place that is known for the royal influences having been the seat of many members of the royalty. He moved to the United States of America, where he worked his way through the ranks. From an early age that is his teens, he worked as an apprentice for Halston, which is a classic American fashion house. It is during this stage that he honed the skills required for draping fabrics, cutting them properly. Then he learned all about the creation of elegant, neat silhouettes that are absolutely classic in that they are timeless.

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As you can see this foundation that Naeem Khan got from the very basics has stood him in good stead when it came to adding to his own collections. He has been able to incorporate neat and clean lines to his collection to make the outline stark. But he has set this stark outline with the use of rich fabrics that have become his trademark. It is this very intriguing combination that has many celebrities craving to wear his designs.

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Many a woman has been transformed when they wore a creation by Naeem Khan and this is one of the reasons that his clientele includes style icons like the bootylicious Beyonce and the intellectual and elegant Michelle Obama.

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The signature of the look that is created by Naeem Khan can be described as simple at first glance but a longer look will reveal the richness that is easily complemented by the simple lines. It is this often contradictory and very intriguing look that many a star has sought for their public appearances making them seek out the work of Naeem Khan.