Many Types Of Hairclips That Girls And Women Use

Many Types Of Hairclips That Girls And Women Use

We can all agree that there are certain days when our hair absolutely refuses to behave normally and these are the days when we start thinking of our hairclips as saviors. The fact is that hairclips not only save us on bad hair days but also make it easy for us to try different kinds of hairstyles with confidence. In fact, many hairstyles are based on the use of the right hairclip to keep things in place. A case in point being these sexy and easy bun hairstyle tutorials for you to try and keep in place with the use of many different kinds of hair clips.

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It is only the big girls that feel the need to look for, choose and buy many types of hairclips but the need is also felt for smaller girls. That is why many cute hairstyles for little girls with long/short hair advocate the use of hairclips. The same is the case with braided hairstyles for short hair to try where you will find that having hairclips of different types can come in handy.

Here Are Some Of The Main Types Of Hairclips That Are Commonly Used:

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The basic slides: These are tightly u shaped and are used to keep hair away from the face. You can find them in many sizes with different kinds of embellishments on them and often used to keep those errant strands of hair in place when you are going for a sleek look.

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The bun pins: These are also u shaped but with a wider gap and used when you are going for a bun or knot on top of the head. These can also have some kind of decoration like a flower, bead or pearl to make things prettier. But often the plainer ones are preferred to tuck and hold the hair in place.

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The banana hairclip: Often used by women who have wavy or curly hair, this one is long and has small teeth on both sides. This will make your ponytail look fluffed up due to the length of the clip.

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The clutcher or octopus clip: This will have bigger teeth and will have more of a curved look. This comes in very handy when you are pulling your hair back to make a messy bun or knot on top of the head. It makes a great accessory as it is available with many decorations and in many colors.

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A barrette or flat clip: This one is flat and comes with many kinds of designs on top. This clip can be used to make a formal kind of ponytail with all your hair. Or you can use it to pick up some hair from the middle of your head and pin it back so that it does not fall on your face.

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All-purpose clips: These are more of the behind the scene clips that come in handy to clip some parts of the hair back while you straighten, wave or curl a portion of the hair. It is good to stock plenty of these clips for use when you are getting dressed.

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We are sure most of these clips may have been used by you at one time or another. It is also possible that you may not strictly have the ones that are shown and described here but the essence of their use remains the same. You will find that buying a mix of the plain and dark colored hairclips along with a handful of the really dressy ones will ensure that you never run out when you are dressing for any occasion.