John Galliano: A Notable Journey In Fashion That Needs To Continue

John Galliano: A Notable Journey In Fashion That Needs To Continue

The name John Galliano has a lot of meanings to a lot of people; for some it is a matter of the way he got fired but when you ask beautiful women around the world or at least the ones who are into fashion, it will be a name that will be taken with reverence. That is because the creations of John Galliano speak for themselves. Just to give you an idea about what they can be related to, we would like you to recollect fashion in the 50s which were the golden days of style and clothing.

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Also think about rhinestones and how they add glitz and glamour to your wardrobe as well as give a thought to outfits to give you a romantic look, only then will you have an idea of what the designs of John Galliano are all about.

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This designer who comes from a background and upbringing that would leave most of us fuddled was born in Gibraltar. He was however brought up in England when his family moved there in search of a livelihood. His Spanish mother who was a flamenco dance teacher, would dress him up in very smart clothes, which could have been the beginnings of his interest in this line of work, though at that time it made him the butt of many jokes and target for teasing.

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He graduated in the world of fashion in the year 1988 and then went on to create his line of designs which was inspired by the French revolution. His collection got him much attention and was completely bought out by a fashion boutique called Browns. He soon became known as the club kid and was also named the designer of the year from Britain.

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Though well recognized and applauded, commercial success was quite a struggle to achieve. He moved to Paris in the 90s and was able to get his label going with the help that he got from a socialite Sao Schlumberger and Anna Wintour who was the editor of Vogue. He was able to put together a show that had many models wearing his creations.

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The collection which featured many different things like furs, wispy skirts and mini-sized kimonos was well presented in a setting that had accoutrements from the Victorian era. This resulted in Galliano being associated with Givenchy as the creative director. Later on he was made as the director of design for Christian Dior where he was based till the year 2011.

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One of the reasons for his reign in the fashion world are of course due to his lovely designs. It took on the chiffons that were thirties inflected and his penchant for cutting on the bias. His creations took on the exaggerated glamour of the past and then improved upon them with touches of modernity. His often over the top touches was something that would appeal to the closet romantic that resides in most of us. The women found it appealing because the designs of John Galliano recognized and touched something deep, hidden and romantic in them.

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The men found women wearing the designs of John Galliano appealing as these creations accentuated the femininity of the women and somehow made them both attractive and even more elusive than usual. One thing can definitely be said about John Galliano creations; it is not for the shy or the retiring or for the type of woman who would like to not be noticed or at least hope to be in the background. Now all that remains to be seen is if the legacy of John Galliano lives on or not.